Addicted To Success


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee was the first thing I felt as I opened my eyes every morning, it was my routine, my ritual, my addiction. I loved the taste of coffee, the warmth it provided and the way it woke me up, it was something I couldn't give up. But my addiction was not just about the taste, for me, it was about the feeling it gave me, it was a reminder of the good times, of the days when i was stress-free and life was good.

I had a problem, and i knew it. My coffee addiction was eating deep into my mortgage savings, and my wife, Vera, had noticed it. Vera loved me, and she understood my addiction, but she also wanted us to buy a house, we had been saving for years, and we were so close to our goal. She asked me to cut down on my coffee intake, but i knew that I couldn't do that, it was not just about the coffee, it was about the memories it brought back.

I knew that i had to come up with a solution, i had to find a way to keep my coffee and still achieve our plans for a new house. I thought about it for days and came up with a devious plan. I would start my own coffee business, a business that would make me enough money to buy the house we wanted, and i wouldn't have to cut down on my coffee intake.

I knew that it wouldn't be easy, but i was determined to make it work. I started researching different coffee beans and brewing methods, i wanted to find the best coffee beans, the ones that had the richest flavor and aroma. I also wanted to find the best brewing method, the one that would bring out the best in the coffee beans.

After weeks of research, i found the perfect coffee beans, they were from Colombia, and they were some of the best beans i had ever tasted. I also found the perfect brewing method, it was called pour-over, and it was a method that brought out the best in the coffee beans. I was ready to start my business, but i needed to make sure that it would be successful.

I spent months setting up my business, i found the perfect location, i designed the perfect logo, and i created the perfect menu. I also created a website and started advertising my business on social media. My business was a hit, people loved my coffee, they loved the rich flavor and aroma, and they loved the fact that it was made with some of the best coffee beans in the world.


My business was doing so well that i was able to save enough money to buy the house we wanted, and we were able to move in. Vera was happy, she loved our new house, and she was happy that i was able to keep my coffee addiction and still achieve our plans for a new house. She knew that it was not easy for me, but she also knew that i was determined to make it work.

My business continued to grow, and i opened more stores, i became known as the coffee king, and i was one of the most successful coffee entrepreneurs in the city. I had everything i wanted, a successful business, a beautiful house, and most importantly, he still had my coffee. It was still a part of my life, but now it was a part of my business too.

My coffee addiction may have been a problem, but it was also a blessing in disguise. It was my addiction that led me to start my business, and it was my business that led to my success. I realized that my addiction was not a curse, it was a gift, and it was something that i was grateful for.

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