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¡Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is going wonderfully, on this beautiful day I have decided to join the first #TheCoffeeShopPrompt to tell you about a coffee shop in my city that I had the opportunity to go to a while ago, so I take this opportunity to tell you about my experience in that place and how good I was, without further ado, let's talk a little!

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In my city there is a small shopping center called "Servimas" which I have told you about before, I like this place a lot because it has a good atmosphere and there are always events to share with the whole family, it is also ideal for walking, eating an ice cream or have a coffee, there are different options, the fact that I am not a fan of coffee has inclined me more towards the option of ice cream or any dessert in general when I go to this type of place, in fact, there was a specific place in that center commercial that I really wanted to know to try their posts, because their concept and the good atmosphere that can be seen in it caught my attention, also, I was very curious to try some things that I had never tried and that they served, without However, I had not had the opportunity to go to that place until September last year when I won an award in that cafeteria.

It's name is Choco Cream Queen, a very sweet place in the mall to enjoy desserts and drinks in the mall, whatever the occasion that place was perfect for sharing. The prize I won was 2 frappunccinos and that was my first time trying them.

I went to the cafeteria on a Sunday, the perfect day to enjoy the prize in the company of my partner, I must say that the service in the place was excellent, everyone was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable, almost as if we were at home. The atmosphere also helped a lot, very calm, relaxed, soft background music, air conditioning, everything clean and tidy and a sweet smell that was impossible to ignore.

I didn't know what to expect with respect to those frappuccinos, well, I didn't have an ideal flavor, not even the ingredients it contains nor if I would like it, but I must say that as soon as I tried it I loved it, it was like a very cold coffee with milk with dulce de leche, condensed milk and whipped cream, a very delicious combination in my opinion and I certainly loved it.

I have always liked coffee with milk very much and I prefer it over coffee so I thought that this frappuccino was a sweeter, more delicious and different way to drink a coffee with milk, you can't imagine how much I enjoyed it and all the Overall experience was very good.

I have plans to return to that place at some point to taste other desserts and the different types of coffee they serve, I may end up liking all of them but so far I can say that the frappuccinos are incredible and I would try them again without hesitation, although I don't like it very much I think coffee (only) is a good alternative to try the different drinks that are served with it, like this one. This is one of the best cafeterias in my city and I had the opportunity to meet it and live that experience with my partner, try something different, enjoy a good atmosphere and great company, without a doubt a moment that has remained in my memories as one of the best I have lived.

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