The Starbucks Incident

That Time I Have My Inner Basic Bitch Moment


I haven’t had coffee in about 4 days, perhaps more and not even a single cup of decaf. So, I went to the mall with a friend to test out the vaccination scan application and to see the new normal. In this mall, there’s a Starbucks place where I wanted to spend some time doing a little work and get a caffeine fix.

When I was at starbucks, I went up to the counter and ordered my grande caramel macchiato decaf non fat milk. I said it loud and clear. Then, the cashier wrote my order and charged me around 13$ for two drinks. I was like, “ okay, maybe it’s that much” because I am used to paying that much even for home orders which are often more expensive than the shop experience.

So, my friend and I chose a table. We sat in the corner of starbuck and just next to the place where you take your go-to coffee. After waiting for about 30 minutes. My friend picked up the order and to my surprise….. They messed up my order.

Instead of a simple grande caramel macchiato decaf with nonfat milk, they added additional dairy milk. 2 shots of espresso, a shot of vanilla, and a shot of caramel syrup which has additional cost too. That’s why the bill was quite a bit more than what it was supposed to be.


I told my friend, “ I can’t drink this and I am so upset”. I was literally on the verge of crying because that was supposed to be my first coffee after a few days. My whole facial expression changed and it drove me up the wall. It took me a few moments before I grabbed my card and the wrong coffee at the counter and said, “ listen, this isn’t something I ordered. I just want a simple grande caramel macchiato decaf nonfat milk”

YET the cashier had the audacity to ask me “ is it too bitter?”

Inside my mind I was like “ no, you dumbfuck. This cup right here is dangerous for me to drink(I would get an extreme acid reflux reaction ). I ain’t coming here to get extra diabetus too.” but of course. I tried to keep my composure and didn't want to make more scenes.

Instead, I calmly said “ please, I want a grande caramel macchiato decaf non fat milk and here’s the card. Swipe it please”

The cashier was like “ we can get it fixed for you for free or maybe we can pay it cash”

And I was in no mood to argue more, so I said “ no. Just swipe the card.”

I could see from the expression on her face, she felt quite uneasy about it. Then, a few minutes later, another barista came to my table bringing my order and said, “ is this the correct order? Was the other one too bitter?”

So, I explained ONE more time that it was not bitter. I just can’t drink that order and I just wanted a decaf with nonfat milk. She once again offered “ we can pay you in cash” but I said, “no, it’s fine”. She felt uneasy again. Then, a few moments later, she came up to me and gave us 2 vouchers of free tall Starbucks with a note saying “ we’re sorry”.


At least, they have the intention to fix it. I never really have any problem with restaurants because I set my expectations low to anything. If they mess up, that’s fine but there are some things I can’t tolerate. I do not tolerate people messing up with my coffee order. I don’t think I would go back to that particular Starbucks and it’s also better to use the app because I never have any messed up orders. They were all properly made, came with a bag, and complementary kit.

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