Miniso Portable Coffee Maker Review, Worth It or Just Wasting Money?

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Hello Coffee Lovers!

Chances are you have been seeing a display of my mini coffee maker with MINISO written on it. Well, in the video, I talked to you a bit about the coffee maker and showed you a preview about it.

Miniso coffee maker is something I have been wanting to get for a few years. Only recently, I decided to get one as I want to explore ways to make coffee. As of now, I have a french press, v60, a miniso coffee maker, and soon I will be getting a vietnam dripper and I am saving up for an actual cafe machine. At the moment, I don’t have a table where I can record the video properly, so I just use my laptop table to actually display the product. Hopefully, in the future I will have more space to record a better quality video.

I got this mini and portable coffee miniso for around 18-20$ at the current conversion rate. It’s not the cheapest out there but since that is the coffee maker I wanted, I had to get it.

What I like about this coffee maker is the color and the aesthetic of pastels. Although for those of you who really enjoy coffee and consume a lot of it, this one might not be for you as it only extracts a small amount of coffee. Unlike many coffee makers out there, this one just fills up half a glass or a mug. So, in terms of quantity, you better get the regular coffee maker. But if you only have a small space, and tend to move around, this coffee maker is perfect. I tried putting the box inside my backpack and it fits.

Another thing that I am showing you in the video is pike roast beans that I have recently got along with a manual vintage coffee grinder that I will be demonstrating and explaining in my next video. For now, you get to see the pike roast beans and stay tuned on my reviews for that.

If you don’t like watching the video, in the pictures below, I am providing some pictures to give you a view about the coffee maker in general.


How I Make The Coffee

The Glass that comes with the coffee makerUsing my preferred mugFilling up the water just a bit below the max water line and then add the coffee inside of it.
Wait for about 5 minutescoffee is ready! You can always adjust the coffee and water ratio as you like. In this case, I was only using 1 tbps of coffee + around 60ml of water

Also, do not try to fill up the water above the max line. You can try that but that would damage the machine quickly. So maybe don’t dare to try it. And never open while the machine is operating, as I tried it and the water was splashing everywhere.

In a day, sometimes I alternate between making coffee from the coffee maker and then make another from the french press. Though often I just use the coffee maker as it helps me to be more mindful about my coffee consumption. Having a miniso coffee maker is also helping me to move around more as I have to clean the coffee compartment before making another one. Oh yeah, please never ever fill water and just click on the power button. Fresh coffee is always the best.

To summarize my points, basically this Miniso coffee maker is :

  • Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to clean
  • Occupy only a small space
  • If you drink a lot of coffee, this one is not for you
  • Minimalistic design with pastel aesthetic color
  • Reasonably priced

I personally don’t think it’s wasted money getting this coffee maker. I think this was worth the investment considering that it’s also easy to clean, carry, and low in terms of electricity usage. Now I can enjoy more coffee and still be mindful about my consumption as it only fills half of the glass that I got from the product.

Hope you enjoyed my review and stay tuned for more coffee appliances and coffee reviews from me. Have a great weekend!

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