Matcha Presso Hack

So, this is more about how I saved money with matcha espresso. There are not many cafes and restaurants that serve good matcha presso. The places I normally go to are out of business and some are just way beyond my budget. Since I don’t want to spend a lot of money on matcha presso, I made this simple hack.


Basically, I would get the matcha without ice and then I would create my own espresso. Next, I pour the espresso into the matcha cup. This is dummy hack but I saved about a dollar and half by doing this because matcha cost less than an actual matcha presso. Most places are selling about 2 to 3$/cup of matcha espresso.


Essentially, drinking matcha presso is similar to having caffeine + L-theanine pills. There’s no jittery feeling after drinking it, no anxiety, only a smooth and calm focused feeling that I love. According to Tea Forte, a cup of matcha contains 70 mg caffeine which is much lower from my caffeine pills that have 200mg pure caffeine. Meanwhile the L-theanine content according to aiya-america a cup may contain about less than 40 mg lower than my caffeine +L theanine pill which has 100mg L-theanine. So, I can see how the drink mixture doesn’t really have that much effect on me compared to the pills that I have. Anyway matchapresso has been my other favorite drink other than macchiato.

Have you tried matchapresso?

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