Hive And Coffee

There’s no coffee without Hive and there’s no Hive without coffee.


I don’t know if you think the same way, but that is for me. Hive and coffee have always been with me from the last 4 years. Those are what fuels my boring mundane days into something more exciting. And what is more exciting is when I read posts mentioning how Hive has helped them and the things that they get from being on Hive. Even after countless times reading similar posts, it never bores me. It just convinces me more that this place works, this whole ecosystem is working.

Yet at the same time, whenever I log on twitter, I see some tech folks keep asking about what is going to be the next big web3 social media; a community that pays its content creator, censorship resistant and low fees. Hive (& the previou blockchain) has existed longer than I have but remains to be ignored by many. It is still a mystery to me why so many people are sleeping on hive. This is the place where we, as regular people, have the chance to make something from what we’re passionate about. We don’t have to be an influencer or even have big followers on decentralized social media. You can start from scratch here and hustle your way by sharing what you’re passionate about.

I know I might be biased but this place, it’s working. If you still ask me how? I was just a regular kid who tried to find its place in this world. I was young when I started here, blogging about random things, ranting about my school days, and writing poems and stories. From that, I made frens here and there which is something I am really grateful for. Then, You know, they say a humanities major is most likely to be broke, I am not and that thanks to everyone who has supported and trusted me on hive for all these years. While most of my friends who graduated don't have a job, I already have something going on with me. My day is mostly full of curating, compiling posts, checking from one community to another, and sometimes it can seem like I don’t sleep at all, but I do. Then, there is other stuff I do as well outside hive, but I can say, the majority of my time these days is 80% hive and 20% other things. Thanks to hive, I can make a living from what I am passionate about, even establish a community and connect with my fellow bookworms. And that, I think, is how non-tech people can do and contribute to this new Web3 ecosystem. Do something you’re passionate about and find your place here while not forgetting to connect with others.

I got to finally sit down, rest this weekend, and scribbled about this post. Oh yeah, though I am not actively onboarding people at the moment, my laptop has the hive sticker which sometimes piques people’s interest when I sit down at the cafes or just public places. I also have Hive wallpaper in my room and on my laptop. Occasionally, I also bring up hive to my newer frens who are outside cryptocurrencies. I tell them what it is and what it can do. I hope they can join when they feel like it, especially these days web3 and NFT are the headlines.

Moving on to another topic, In the past, I have heard about tokens relating to coffee. I was expecting that the token would be used for community projects where people can talk about coffee and get paid for it or getting free coffee. Silly me, it was just some kind of wallet. Another one I know is [ fairchain where they attempted to reinvest to the families and the farmers through their token I think this opportunity right here that we have on hive, is how we can empower everyone, not just the farmers but also the cafe, roasters and even the consumers. Essentially, the farmers make the coffee (they can share about the coffee process), then the coffee shop can use the community to advertise the coffee or I don’t know basically the marketing part, and the coffee consumers can write the reviews and get something from it. I am not sure if that’s ideal either but that’s just what I daydreamed to be about. Maybe Hive system would change in the future, maybe it won’t, but as per current system, that’s how I see it. People invest to hive and then support the farmers, creators, or brands they love while they also get the support back.

Anyway, if you made it this far, thank you for reading my day dreaming ideas about hive and coffee whilst also reading how hive has helped me. Thank you again, everyone who has trusted and supported me all these years.

Alright… I need another cup. See ya later.

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