Five Star Breakfast and Cappuccino

Domes Noruz Breakfast

In the morning we had breakfast bright and early and got there as early as we could to beat the queue of the other guests.

Lovely view from the breakfast area

I was very impressed with the breakfast choices and arrangement that they had, everything from cereals, fresh pastries, an assortment of fresh breads and salad goods to hot meals such as sausages and eggs.

Assortment of cold meats
and salads

I liked the mini fridge arrangement they had set up in the middle which had green spinach juice, muesli in strawberry yoghurt, normal yoghurt containers and entire containers of philadelphia cheese that you could help yourself to.

Home made jams served in delightful little jars

They also had mini jam jars of apricot or strawberry jam which were so cute which I took just to be able to keep the jars which I thought would make cute sugar and coffee jars.

Huge selection of healthy goodies and whole cartons of Philadelphia cheeses

choice of cereals

Plenty to satisfy the sweet tooth

For the first breakfast I decided to have cold meats with 6 poached egg whites (I left the egg yolks) and then I also had some tasty artisan bread with butter.

Boiled eggs amongst the choices

I, of course had a cappucino which was delicious and I was very impressed with the taste and quality of their cappucinos. I actually had another 2 cappucinos after my breakfast!

Ahhhh - cappuccino

There was a long couch and chilling area which was a great idea for guests who want to come sit and relax and have coffee or for anyone wanting to have a business meeting etc.

Great meeting area

It was also great to be able to sit outside with the warmth of the morning sun and be able to stare at the beach and the sea.

After breakfast we went for a hike to walk off the food and explore a bit. I will post about the hike in my next blog.

Until next time ...

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