No Day Without Sanger Espresso Coffee

Hi all Hivers friends, I hope you are always healthy and easy in all your affairs, on this occasion I @khaidir will share with you all this is about coffee.


Sanger espresso coffee in my area of ​​aceh has become a favorite drink, sanger is a combination of creamer and coffee, while sanger espresso is a combination of creamer and coffee. In my area, there is no doubt about this coffee because the majority are coffee lovers.


Actually, when you stop at the shop, there are many choices for coffee, for example, ule kareng coffee, sareng coffee, arabica coffee and rabusta coffee but for now the most enjoyed by coffee lovers is sanger espresso coffee.


I myself, every time I stop at the cafe, I always order this and this is one of the drinks that I love the most for now and I'm sure you guys will also like it because this drink is now widespread almost all over the world.


I also often feel that I will not be enthusiastic in my activities without a cup of coffee, thus coffee has become a part of my life and also a loyal friend because coffee is a source of enthusiasm for me and all my friends.

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