My husband Mordecai would always look me dead in the eye and say, “ Leah, I just don't remember it but I was brought back here for something. I was given another chance at life.” This, and the many weird things Mordecai used to say made me muse over him.

Mordecai was a man you could call ‘out of this world’. His ways were old, crude, and funny. Mordecai would rather brew his tea on a coal stove in the backyard every morning and evening. Even with all the electricity, he would rather stuff all that coal in a forged iron to straighten his clothes.

However, he loved the espresso machine for his coffee. “That's no vintage you know. That's a 2023 Breville Bambino Plus espresso Machine.” I would always tease him whenever he used the espresso machine.

I remember the first day I met him. He was sitting in the park and watching the sky, he was going to use the direction of the sun to tell the time. I thought that was cute.

“Or you could just check your watch or phone, you know!” I interrupted him and that was the beginning of our love story.

Mordecai was sweet, strange, and fascinating at the same time. I loved every bit of him and I never tried to change him. He was my muse. One day, he came home late in the evening with some coffee beans in a small sac made of hide.


“Look, Leah! It's magic beans. A witch at the subway let me have them. She said it would take me places I never imagined.” Mordecai’s eyes were lit the brightest I had ever since. He jumped up and down in excitement like a child.

“A witch? Magic beans? In 2023? Irritated at the sac, I chided Mordecai. The sheer joy all over Mordecai made me surrender to his craziness.

“Alright then brew some and let's see where it takes you,” I said.

Mordecai quickly grabbed the espresso and made himself some coffee. To my surprise, it smelled like any other classic blend. “What did I think was going to happen?” I shook my head.

When Mordecai gulped down the entire cup of coffee and nothing happened, he was disappointed. He didn't say much until bedtime. I remember tossing and turning in bed and not finding Mordecai.

The next morning, I found Mordecai in the living room. He was in clothes that looked very advanced and robotic. “Where have you been all night? “ I berated him.

“You won't believe it, Leah. I made it to the future. It's the beans and I know it. Everything is different over there. There are talking robots, flying cars, and all sorts.“ Mordecai kept giggling.

I only smirked and started to get breakfast ready. “Five years and you still do not cease to amaze me. Where did you even get those clothes?“

The next night, Mordecai brewed himself some of the coffee again. “I can't wait for my next trip,“ he announced.

I found Mordecai on the sofa the next morning. He was in his robe and he looked a little disappointed.

“Do not ask me, Leah. The beans didn't take me to the future. I only wandered in the present this time.”

“Hmm,” I sighed.

“Future, present then past. That's it, Leah! It is a pattern. Next, the beans are going to take me to the past.” Mordecai’s brown eyes popped. Suddenly, they dulled. Mordecai began acting as though he was receiving a revelation. “It is all coming together now Lee.” He looked at the espresso machine.” We were starting to have problems making our coffee. It just wouldn't bring out the best taste. I was sent here to find out how coffee is brewed in the future. Perhaps your generation got it right. Malakhai, my brother, was sent to the past. We were meant to return with our findings. I love you Leah but I think my time here is up. It is time for me to return. Tonight!“ he announced.


“That's enough Mordecai. You are starting to scare me with all that coffee and future nonsense. Let us have a normal peaceful breakfast for once like any other couple would.” At that point, I had lost it with Mordecai.

He didn't speak to me again for the rest of that day. When it was time for bed, Mordecai made himself some more coffee. To my astonishment, he went to bed holding the espresso machine. “We will be able to learn one of the best ways coffee is brewed in the year 2023.” I heard him whisper.

After that night, I never saw Mordecai again. I wasn't sure if it was about the way I spoke to him. He was a lot of things but he was still a fragile man. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

A year later, I was flipping through the TV channels when I landed on the news;

“Archeologists in the western region have uncovered a tomb believed to be dated as far back as 2600 BCE. What's shocking about this discovery is the presence of a modern-day 2023 Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine.”

My eyes widened as the television display setting shifted from the presenter to videos of the scene being reported. I could see what appeared to be remains in a tomb and a battered espresso machine. It had the inscription, ‘For Leah, my love.’

I think I stayed numb for moments unending. “Mordecai,” I managed to mutter as tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably.

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