Coffee Infusion; The Joke’s on you.


The smell of coffee tweaked with an undertone of cinnamon and something else caressed Mia's nostrils like a cub to its father's mane. Mia lazily turned in bed. Her senses were beginning to awaken. She reached for the other side of the bed. It was empty as usual.

Max, unlike Mia, was always an early riser. He'd wake up before dawn but would not do anything in particular. Mia often wondered why he'd wake up so early if he barely got anything done. She was always late to rise but she got her act together in no time.

“Morning Mi. Coffee?” Max had staggered into the bedroom with a tray carrying two hot cups of brewed coffee. Five years later and Max hadn't figured out that he needed not to fill the cups to the brim to avoid spilling.

“Yass Max.” Mia looked at the strong yet subtle softness of her lover. He didn't have a care in the way he lived life. Most times he was a jam but she still loved her beautiful mess and she wouldn't change a thing about him.


A sound came from the door downstairs.

“I’ll get it. I'm expecting a package” Mia jumped out of bed, grabbed her robe, and threw it on. Mia was going too fast running down the stairs. She had forgotten that Max would have spilled some more coffee on the floor. He was always clumsy like that. Mia suddenly slipped on the wet stairs and fell on her butt. She sat there for a couple of seconds for the pain to sink in. “Oh Max oh Max.” She kept whimpering in pain. A painful tear ran down her cheek.

Mia wiped her face. She paused for a minute and began to sniff. “Wait a minute. This isn’t coffee is it?” Mia got off the floor and began tracing the water drops. She came to the kitchen table where she found a pack of hotdogs simmering in hot water. Instantly, she figured out what Max had done.


“Huh! Oh, he didn’t dare try to do this to me. Hotdog water? Typical Max to commit a crime and adorn the scene with the evidence.” Mia became restless, her eyes scanning through the kitchen. Her eyes then fell on the calendar sitting on the table. “Ahan! April fool’s day. Now we’ll see who’s the bigger fool. Mia scowled and resorted to revenge. She hurriedly received her package and went back upstairs.

“You took forever. Your coffee is getting cold. Come on lil’ ginger bear. Drink up.” Max had settled into the bed. He handed Mia her cup of coffee.

“Do you mind pulling up the blinds?” Mia sniggered. Her Brown eyes popped. She loved the idea cooking up in her head.

As soon as Max got to the window, Mia switched the coffee cups.

“Aha! Some daylight my love. The sun rays look flattering on your radiant Brown skin.” Max picked up the cup in front of Mia and handed it over to her again. He wanted her to drink up so badly.

“Here, have mine Max.”

“Umh no. I'll just stick with this cup.” Max jumped. He almost yelled and his demeanor changed.

“ With that attitude, I would think you spiked my coffee.” Mia ran her eyes all over Max watching out for his body language.

“You are crazy Mia. Why would you even think that?” Max had become a little uncomfortable as he adjusted himself on the bed.

At this point, both couples became eager. Max started to smile when Mia raised her cup to her mouth. He was oblivious to Mia’s mischief. Mia also handed Max the other cup of coffee. Together, they drank from their cups at the same time. Mia peeked through her cup. She could not wait to see Max’s reaction.

“Damn it, you crazed woman.” Max spat out the contents of his mouth. “How did you do that?”

“April fools!” Mia yelled. She couldn't control her laughter. The satisfaction she felt mixed with Max’s irritation was just the highlight she needed to get over the pain in her butt.

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