Beautiful smile.


These days time is a crazy thing, you blink and a year is already gone, precisely one year ago I was planning with my girlfriend to move in together, we gave ourselves a deadline to see how our relationship worked and if everything went well we would move together to a new apartment. Here we are unpacking, arranging furniture from very early in the morning and being mid-morning the energies begin to flag. I look sideways at Susan hoping she understands my gesture and hurry up that breakfast in the improvised kitchen I have already arranged. She looks at me, pretending to ignore me but can't help but laugh as she pats me on the shoulder saying.

_ Yes, relax honey, I'll prepare something quick for breakfast.

_ Coffee first please, I need to keep active to unpack those last few boxes. I said as I put on my good boy face.

I just know I need coffee while I go to check the remaining boxes, I notice a small black box, I don't remember packing such a box, I grab it just as Susan appears with an invigorating cup of coffee.

Here it is honey, she says as she plays with the gesture of inhaling the aroma of the steaming cup.

I reach for my coveted coffee without taking my eyes off the mysterious box.

What is that, honey, Susan asks.

I was just going to ask you dear, I don't remember this box but not even a little bit.

Neither do I, she answers with her eyes wide open, so open it, don't waste time.

First things first my dear, I said as I took a sip of my drink.

I put the cup aside to take the black box with both hands, after slightly checking its exterior looking for any note without any success I open it.

The first thing we found when we opened it was a red velvet handkerchief with black borders, it seemed to cover something delicate. We saw each other's faces before we continued rummaging, I carefully put my hands through the sides and noticed that it was more like a cloak that wrapped a series of objects. I pulled out the whole package and set it down on the piece of furniture next to where Sudan had been sitting.

_ What a strange thing, I said more to myself than to my girlfriend.

When I uncovered it completely we were stunned by the contents; it was a shrunken head, a strangely adorned circular wooden base, We looked at each other again Susan and I. At this point I didn't know what to do with it.

At this point I did not know what to do with such an artifact, I felt a certain fear just to touch it, now I laugh but at that moment I could not even look at the strange piece. In the end I took it carefully and placed it on the center shelf of the room on the circular wooden base. I stepped back a little to observe it better and as I finished my coffee I said to Susan who was still sitting in amazement.

_ We can't deny that it has a beautiful smile.


Hi there, this is original content by @joalheal , just for this contest in #cinnamoncupcoffe and the #spillthebeans.

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