CURATOR Creative Cafe (Bringing Art To Life)

23rd November 2022

First of all, allow me to post here and this will be my very first.

I had a great Sunday last weekend as I was able to ride on a tram for the very first time, and it was for free. That was indeed a memorable experience for my first time riding a tram. I rode from one place to another without any hustle and that saved me some fare which I added to my food spending that day.

My last stop was at West Kowloon Cultural District where I visited a museum's shop and cafe. There are two shops in the museum, and in today's blog, I'll share with you the other shop with a cafe inside. It is called CURATOR Creative Cafe.

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The cafe is located on the B1 floor of the M+ Museum which was pretty crowded at the time I visited the place, yet, the queue move quickly.


I have long been yearning for a cup of coffee or anything like a latte and it has been granted last Sunday. I heard about this cafe and have seen several posts and good reviews online, so I opted to visit it.

Waiting for my order was the part that took a little longer since there were many customers by that time. However, the place is full of art that visitors wouldn't get bored with while waiting for their orders. One can simply wander inside The Other Shop located just within the same place, and be admired by the cute creative products. Just read along to see the photos of the shop.


The grand staircase to the cinema located on the right side of the coffee counter is just another attraction. The cafe actually is a perfect place for customers who would opt to buy snacks before going to the cinema.


It is just a typical cafe, yet has several Asian snacks (I forgot to take photos of other snacks while at the counter). I did love the taste of the food. The seats inside the cafe are limited and can be fully occupied, especially on weekends. But there are open tables and outdoor seats just outside the cafe.


Luckily, I spotted an available outdoor table that has been vacated by someone who even left his phone. You can check the right photo above for the black iPhone. The owner came back to get it after realizing that he left it. At least, no one else takes it.


And these were my orders, a hot cup of matcha latte, and grilled chicken with parma ham panini. If I'm not mistaken, a panini sandwich is an Italian snack. The design in the latte is the CURATOR signature design.


I had a great spot overlooking the promenade and I enjoyed watching the by-passers, skaters, and kids playing around. Moreover, I liked the taste of my sandwich and latte. It has a smooth, rich matcha flavor that I would want to drink all over again. I have lactose intolerance, but surprisingly, my tummy didn't react to it.


There is another CURATOR Art & Cafe too in the other city. And there is a wide selection of food and coffee in that cafe. I might visit that too one of these days.

You may wonder why it was called CURATOR Creative cafe.

Now let's go back inside after eating.

The cafe is just part of The Other Shop where, from their banner says, they welcome curious minds and allow anyone to creatively explore the shop. This has been one of the attractions in the museum. They are open not just to customers, but to everyone who would want to explore the place.


The concept of this cafe and shop is to bring art to life and I guess they truly did it.

Organized by CURATOR, it is a group that thrives in art and culture enterprises to bring art to everyday life. They work on collaborating with different artists from all parts of the world to showcase their different creatively handcrafted merchandise in different CURATOR shops. This group is actually popular here in Hong Kong.


Handcrafted products displayed here are carefully curated and handpicked by art curators that range from books, toys, associated apparel, merchandise, collectible edition, gift items, pet accessories, home decor, homewares, stationery, art collections, and more. There are even scented candles and toiletries.








Aside from distinctive collections of art, the interior and colorful design of the shop attract visitors and tourists. The CURATOR team truly did well in organizing and designing each of their shops while showcasing high-valued artworks of different artists and allowing visitors to have an artistic experience.





The collaboration of the M+ and CURATOR team did really well in bringing art to life in this one-of-a-kind and world-class shop allowing the public to experience art and creative culture. Art and coffee lovers will surely love this place.

That concludes my artistic experience in this cafe and shop for my first #CinammonCupOfCoffee blog. I guess @millycf1976 wouldn't mind if @dswigle will be tagged here as well. I am certain that she would want to add this to her #MarketFriday art collections.

In case you want to watch this short video taken in this cafe and shop, here it is. Just chillin' at CURATOR Creative Cafe. Thanks in advance 😊

Check me enjoying my food at 3:46 😁

And as mentioned above, there are two shops inside this museum. I'll show you the other one next time since this is already quite long.

See you!

(All photos are mine)



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