STB. Creative writing prompt. Extra earning. (The best Advice Ever)

It Looked and sounded like I was dreaming.

I was lost in my thoughts as so many things ran through my head.

Mum just called to say the food in the house is almost running down, My sister texted to tell of a school excursion that will last a week, and then it's about time I round up the payment I did concerning my younger brother's fee as the time promised is now.

How all these things came at the same time is what I can not figure out is there anyone I am to leave untouched as the resources needed to handle this problem are limited this issue at hand will take 95% of my Salary for the month and I still have my bills to settle amidst all this I try to run up some economic terms outlining this problem according to there a scale of preference but then it was all must difficult as all of them happen to be as crucial as every one of them.

"You need to calm your nerves' ' Something said to me at first I thought it was my imagination that was speaking to me so I just overheard and did not pay attention.

"Can you share part of what you are thinking with me? Again the voice came, could this be a radio, Tv or even my phone? When I raised my head to check I discovered the electricity was interrupted and these things can't make sound when there is a failure in electricity.

Immediately my consciousness came to life as I looked around looking for what has been speaking.

"Hay, are you looking for someone? With my eyes wide open, I sprang up from the seat and made my way straight towards the doorway.

"Hay, come back I am not going to eat you up"

The voice enacted a message again, "I am just trying to help"


My heart became strong and wanted to see how a coffee bean will help in a situation like this, so I walked back gently and sat on the chair.

I will go straight to the point with my eyes wide open wondering what creature this thing will be even if what I was seeing is a coffee bean.

It continued " The truth of the matter is that your salary will not keep you going. What you need to do is to get a different means of making money aside from your monthly salary.

But How do I do that since my work will not create extra time for any minimal job? I asked.

Your phone should do that for you.

You can use the little time you have to create content and publish online that doesn't require you to go out, it only needs a small amount of your time. And without wasting time I will be referring you to a writing platform so you can give your idea and make extra money. Check on this the bean referred me to cinnamon coffee.

I replied and and said to it" I will try and see what the outcome will be."

And here I am writing as a side job for extra earning to meet up personal needs.

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