Woody-Lake Café, My Coffee Haven

Driving away one afternoon from the CBD was a breath of fresh air for her. She enjoyed the sceneries along the highways leading to where she was about to meet her best friend. She was to turn left when her eyes caught what her friend described as the landmark of the said place. The garden with a sign that said: "This Way to Woody-Lake Café" and an arrow pointing to the right.

"This must be it," she murmured as she slowly turned right. Driving for about four minutes brought her in front of a beautiful lake so she stopped. And oh, there's a coffee shop across!

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"Did I just take the wrong road?" she was talking to herself when she saw a smiling young man motioning her to a parking space nearby. She was hesitant but asked, "I'm supposed to go to the Woody-Lake Café but I wonder where it is?"

The young man told her she was at the right place and that her friend is waiting for her inside, pointing at the beautifully crafted little red coffee house on the right side of the street.

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"Aha! Silly me!" she laughed heartily realizing she was just looking at the far side of the lake making her miss what's right under her nose. She thanked the young man and proceeded to park her car.

She was impressed with the spacious parking space as she got out of the car. The place was tranquil and the smell of the pine trees is just amazing and adding to it is the inviting aroma of coffee and pastries coming from the red coffee house. She strode excitingly to meet her long-time best friend whom she had not seen for over a year because she had been offshore.

As she entered the café's main door, she was ecstatic to notice the signage that said: "Crypto Accepted Here." How cool is that!

Getting inside, the chic and rustic interior design caught her eyes too - a combination of vintage and modern theme! Framed artworks were lined across the walls. Thick wooden tables were beautifully arranged and paired with cushioned wicker chairs, and some sofa too. "Brilliant!" she heard her mind exclaim as she saw her friend waving and smiling by the corner of the shop.

"This is going to be an amazing afternoon!" her mind affirmed as she walked her way through the spacious aisle leading to where her friend was.

As expected, she and her friend Vanessa spent some fabulous time catching up over tasty and aromatic cappuccino and some sweet delicacies served with excellence by a sweet, smiling, courteous young lady named Cora who made sure they had all they needed before leaving their table. The barista, called Carlo was a very pleasant guy too, he smiles beautifully as he did his hygienic magic on the cups.


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They were so delighted meeting at such a lovely, warm, and welcoming place, so tidy and clean and there wasn't so much noise too, which both of them prefer when they go for coffee.

Apart from the excellent service and the accessible and beautiful location being one with nature, the coffee shop also has a variety of options not only for the cups (both hot and cold beverages) but also pastries, sweet snacks, and some light meals as well. It is also very warm, relaxing, and cozy which every coffee shop should be. The overall ambience was just unbelievably amazing!

They felt so comfortable that they didn't even notice that they have been there for almost half a day already! They felt the whole afternoon wasn't enough so they agreed to meet again the next morning at the same place because they just love it there!

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They did meet the following day where they joyfully sip their coffees by the patio while they enjoyed the scenic view of the lake and the surrounding greeneries too. The warmth of that coffee place has become familiar to them as they made it their haven and spend hours chit-chatting especially on the weekends.


**Hello, Coffee lovers and everyone around in this amazing community.

I come across this week's writing contest by @millycf1976 through an entry of my friend @coquicoin and upon reading the topic options, I reckoned it may be the only chance I get to write about my ideal coffee place which I always wished existed somewhere close to where the farmboy and I live.

Yes, the above fictional story was a product of my imagination that in a way, has showcased my kind of coffee shop. This is my first post in this warm community and my entry for option #2 (Write about your ideal Coffee Shop).

And may I invite @Tengolotodo and @Jane1289 to participate. The countdown is up but you still have time :) Check HERE for the contest rules and mechanics.

Many thanks and I wish you all a warm and fabulous day!

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