Thanksgiving- Coffee with Pecan and Pear Pie.

Hello, beautiful and vibrant community greetings. I think many of you celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday last week And had fun. Here in Norway Thanksgiving is not a holiday but my husband is from America so we celebrated a little anyway. Delicious dinner followed by some homemade pecan pie that my husband likes very much, but sometimes I am allergic to some nuts I avoid nutty food after dinner. I made pear pie also as an experiment. those we had dessert.
Of course, coffee must be served together with the pie. We Indians are very fond of tea /chai. where I grew up there was no coffee in that small village. But during my college life in the hostel, I started drinking coffee with my Karnataki friends. but that was more milk and sugar with a hint of coffee flavor. I learned to drink real coffee after coming to Norway. And since we have chai in the morning usually we have coffee with dessert. black coffee with just a little cream is my favorite. In the summertime, we eat ice cream and drink strong black coffee. In the wintertime, we may enjoy a hot cup any time of the day after coming in from the cold.
Here is how we make our coffee, with freshly ground wild beans from Ethiopia in an antique Norwegian coffee grinder and brewed in a French coffee press.
For this delicious coffee, all my photos are witnesses to tell the story.

Norwegian coffee grinder and French coffee press.



During our travel from Mumbai, our flight was with Ethiopian Airlines with a transfer from Addis Ababa to Norway, the stopover was around 4-5 hours. Walking around the airport we visited a coffee shop that sells wild coffee. the saleslady started talking about how nice coffee they produce and boasted that it is the world's best coffee. She was a good seller so finally, we bought coffee beans instead of ground coffee. Oddly enough the shop didn't accept credit cards, they wanted only American dollars. Luckily I had a few smaller denomination bills that I have a habit of carrying when we travel. So on Thanksgiving, we had our first taste of these dark-roasted wild coffee beans.







Our first cup was black to fully experience the taste but for the second cup, I added some unused whipped cream leftover from the pie and sprinkled on shredded chocolate. the real celebration of Thanksgiving.

Thank you. and enjoy your cup of coffee.

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