"Coffee is life"

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The world is going global daily and new inventions are coming into existence which are of used to mankind and now we have come to the time which we will be needing much off taking the coffee for example to keep our temperature at a normal rate just because of the weather which we are in.. Just like this week's topic which says coffee is life, you will agree with me that it is indeed life because I really can't imagine a life without the coffee just because of some benefits which you get from heat and not just drinking it alone...

Coffee has a lot of benefits which it will do to the body, the intake of about 2 to 3 cups per day has an health benefits which it does to the body like it helps in the type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, endocrine and liver cancer and many others. All these alone are just more reason which I would recommend that the coffee is being given enough devotion.. Aside mowing some health benefits which coffee does to the body, there are some ways which we can do to keep coffee production going so it can get to everyone that needs it..

Some of the processes which I think the production of coffee can go through are listed above;


  • Getting enough means of advertising the coffee products so it gets easy for everyone to buy.
  • Making it readily available at any moment.
  • Getting a coffee shop or a coffee company closer to where it can easily be accessible.
  • By not enforcing a large amount on the price of coffee because not everyone will be able to afford it and this might affect the rate of sales..
  • Getting a specialised technicians who are able to get advanced machines for fast productions to improve the cost of production..


  • When you take coffee, especially in the morning before you set out for your daily activities, it helps boost your level of energy for the day.
  • Taking coffee improves your weight gain thereby adding more to your weight when you take it.
  • Coffee gives a longer life, well this might sound funny but it's just the fact. There are tendency that when you take coffee, you will live more than expected..

Also, Coffee contains some amount of essential nutrients, which are also good for the body system which include; riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), magnesium, potassium and so on. All these complied together are a big deal why Coffee must not be taken with levity and the production must not go extinct...

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