Spiritual Coffee

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I had never heard of spiritual coffee until I saw the sign on the street corner. It was a local exporting coffee aroma that grabbed me like a magnet.

I entered the store and something immediately caught my attention. On a wall, there was a sign that read: "Discover your spiritual path with coffee. Ask about our special session.

Apparently, it was a unique experience, in which a coffee master guided you on an inner journey through different types of coffee, each with a symbolic meaning. The poster promised that at the end of the session, you would leave with a new vision of your life and purpose.

I turned to the barista to sign me up for the special session. He smiled at me and nodded, signaling to me to wait a moment, that the coffee master was in a session.

After a few minutes, the waiter returned and motioned for me to follow him to a room away from the rest of the place. There I met an old man, wise and quiet looking, wearing a white robe and with a long gray beard. He was sitting on a cushion, surrounded by cups, mugs, and coffee pots of different shapes and sizes. He greeted me with a smile and invited me to sit across from him.

Without saying a word, he began to prepare the first type of coffee, which was black and strong. He poured it for me and brought it to me carefully. He gestured for me to drink it slowly, savoring each sip.

As I did so, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations the coffee was giving me. I felt the warmth and bitter taste fill my mouth and go down my throat, awakening my body and mind.

The coffee master told me that this was the coffee of the earth, which represented the connection with the material world, with basic needs and physical pleasures.

Next, he offered me another type of coffee, which was lighter and smoother. I drank it slowly with my eyes closed and concentrated. I felt the sweet taste caress my palate and spread through my chest, filling me with calm and joy.

The coffee master told me that this was the water coffee, which represented the connection with the emotional world, with feelings and relationships.

Then, he presented me with another type of coffee, which was dark and aromatic. I drank this one moderately, appreciating every sip. I felt the warmth and the intense flavor stimulate my tongue and go up in my head, filling me with energy and creativity.

The master told me that this was the coffee of fire, which represented the connection with the mental world, with thought and action.

I took a deep breath and was immediately presented with another type of coffee. This one was very refreshing. Without knowing why, I drank it in a hurry. I felt a freshness in my mouth that filled me with peace and harmony.

I was told that this was the coffee of the air, which represented the connection with the spiritual world, with intuition and wisdom.

Finally, he offered me another type of coffee, which was brighter and more exotic. This one he served me with enthusiasm. I drank it in an abundant way, but savoring it without fear. As I did so, I closed my eyes for the last time and concentrated on the revelations the coffee was bringing me.

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This time I felt the amazing taste flood my mouth and spread throughout my body, filling me with light and love. The coffee elder told me that this was the coffee of the ether, representing the connection with the whole, with unity and purpose.

When I finished drinking the last of my coffee, I saw the old master smiling with satisfaction. He asked me how I felt and what I had learned. I replied that I felt like a renewed and grateful man and that I had learned to recognize the different parts of my being and balance them with coffee.

He nodded and congratulated me on completing the special session. He told me that I had discovered my spiritual path and that I could now apply it to my daily life. He thanked me for trusting him and invited me to leave the room.

I got up from the cushion, gave him a hug, and walked out. As I walked back to where the clients were, I felt a strange sense of disconnection with everyone there.

I went out into the street, with the wind in my face. I felt happy as if a wonderful future awaited me. I walked several blocks and suddenly felt the need to go back to the shop.

I ran to the corner where the store was but found nothing. I only saw an abandoned building, with broken windows and closed doors. I was paralyzed, unable to believe my eyes.

Then I remembered the words of the coffee master: "Coffee is a wonderful drink, which can reveal a lot about ourselves and our destiny".

I understood that the spiritual café was not a place or a person, but an attitude. An attitude of openness, of learning. An attitude that would lead me to a unique experience that would change my life.

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I smiled with gratitude. I realized that spiritual coffee was the best gift I had ever been given. A blessing that had taught me to value every moment, every sip, every part of my being. A gift that had shown me my spiritual path with coffee.

I'm happy!


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