New apartment and a not-so-normal move

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As some say, new year, new life, and so it should be. That's why I just moved into my new apartment full of space and lots of light.

It is not really an apartment, it is a space of 120 square meters that had been used for storage and I have rebuilt it as an apartment. When I saw it for the first time, I fell in love, because I saw it as the ideal place to write, to catch my ideas and capture them on paper. It has a wonderful view where I can see the sweet waters of the Guaire river and a majestic mountain full of virgin vegetation.

After a few long months of waiting for the restoration and just when the year 2023 has begun, I made the move with a company that a friend recommended to me. The first thing I did when I arrived was to prepare a tasty coffee with my little espresso machine that I carry with me everywhere I go. This is like my strength, my energy that allows me to overcome obstacles.

After the movers left, I proceeded to open the boxes to get organized, and to my surprise, I found that the boxes were not mine and that what was inside them was something creepy. Among the things that were not mine, I found in the boxes some live rodents that frightened me and made me jump and cling to the ceiling.

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Lexica Art

The box that looked like the one assigned for my clothes, contained underwear that had sequins, erotic drawings, and very bright colors; I assume they will be of a lady. I with very marked masculinity, I can't imagine myself with a garment like that, but with the scare that the rodents gave me, I feel stomach pains that will merit putting on that underwear because the one I have on I will never be able to use again.

I have no choice, I'll go to the bathroom, take a shower, and put on one of those sequined panties.

I already have them on and they really don't look that bad on me, they even look good with my tan. I decided to have a nice cup of coffee in front of the huge window overlooking the city and fill myself with sunlight. I feel so good that I've even put on some music and I'm already dancing and drinking coffee in front of the window.

But nothing comes out perfect, I noticed that from the building across the street, there is almost a crowd watching me in the panties I wore and they are taking pictures and videos of me dancing.

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Lexica Art

If it weren't for my wonderful coffee, I'd say this is the worst day of my new year.

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With these words, I come to participate in #STB Writing Prompt Week 26.

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