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My good dear friend @yenmendt, was kind enough to invite me to the great Cinnamon Cup Coffee community, to participate in the contest created by @cinnccf:


I couldn't miss the invitation, so I immediately got active, read the rules, and turned on the story-making machine to bring you the following letters.

Everyone who knows me knows very well that between me and coffee there is a love that goes back many moons; it can even be said that I drank coffee through the umbilical cord when I was in my mother's womb because she was also fascinated by coffee.
Actually, all of us in the family are coffee drinkers or better said, we are coffee lovers.

At the beginning of the week, I carelessly ran out of coffee in the pantry and had to go to the supermarket to buy some.
When I start the day and do not drink a coffee when I wake up, my day becomes dark and if there is nothing in the pantry, the alarms start to ring and the headache appears like an executioner who wants to execute the sentenced person.

Stumbling over the furniture and walls, I went out in search of coffee, but not before taking money for the groceries. It would be a disaster to arrive at the supermarket without money and have to return.

When I got to the supermarket I found that there were a lot of people, it was crazy, I almost went back home, but thinking that the other place to get coffee was more than 40 minutes away by car, I decided to stay and wait in line to pay.

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I entered the store and when I got to the place where all the coffee brands were located, I found a girl promoting three brands. But these brands were not just any brands. By taking a brand and drinking it you could be granted a wish; you only had to take one brand.

So now I'll tell you what the promotion was about:

Coffee A: You could RE-LIVE any memory for 2 days only.

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Coffee B: You could ERASE any memory forever.

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And, coffee C: You could make any wish come true for just one day only.

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It was a very difficult choice, and it took me several minutes to make the decision.
As the minutes passed, my desire to drink coffee increased so much that I was biting my nails out of desperation.

As I was thinking, I noticed that people were staring at me as if I was acting crazy.
At first I thought it was because I was acting nervous and biting my nails.
But I realized that I had arrived at the store with my bath sandals along with my bathrobe and underwear; I forgot to get dressed. At that moment I reacted and said I will buy all three brands and decide which one to drink at home.

But the promoter told me that I could not do that, that I had to buy a brand and that I had to drink the sample on site.
I was desperate and told her that I accepted, just give me a few more minutes to make up my mind.

While I was making my decision, I noticed that the promoter turned to attend to another customer, and I took the opportunity to drink three samples. One for each brand and the last brand was the B coffee.

Now I don't remember anything, the only thing I know is that I'm here at the police headquarters, arrested for having taken the coffees and for being dressed inappropriately.

Tll that I have narrated I know because my neighbor who had stayed at home last night and had accompanied me to the supermarket told me about it. She paid the bail to be able to leave. I forget everything else.

Wish B came true; what a way.

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I invite @elamaria and @helengutier2 to tell us which theme they will choose for the weekend.

May the universe grant you all that you long for and may the blessings of health, love, and prosperity cover your homes.

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