The Sacred Coffee and the Extinction of the Tribe


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The Sacred Coffee and the Extinction of the Tribe

It has been many years since this jungle was interrupted in its peace and tranquility by an unusual event. I have lost count of how long it has been, but I know it is much longer than you have lived together. I was a much younger man and on a day like any other, I found myself deep in the jungle in search of food for the tribe. I had been in the thick undergrowth for about three days and as the sun was just rising to its highest point in the sky, I heard it.

It was a frightful noise, the like of which I had never heard before. It was nothing like any wild animal in the jungle, and if it had been, it was an animal I would never have seen or known about. But this roar was coming from the sky, which made it difficult for me to observe through the thicket caused by the thousands of trees here. I kept listening for it and ran as far as I could to try to find where it was coming from. When I reached a clearing in the jungle, I could see what looked like a trail of clouds descending, but these were black and marked a route that was fading. I followed this trail much deeper into the jungle and after advancing with considerable difficulty, there I found it.

At first, I did not know what it was. It had a strange shape and its surface, although I could see it was clear, it seemed to me that it was shining. Fire and smoke were enveloping everything, but when I heard a scream, I plucked up the courage and approached it. As I looked inside this apparatus, which I later learned was an airplane, I saw her. Her beautiful eyes looked at me pleadingly and, although I did not understand her language, I knew she was asking me not to let her die. As best I could, I made my way to where she was and managed to pull her out of the aircraft. I could do nothing more for those who were with her, the fire consumed everything in an instant, but I think they were already dead when I managed to rescue Raiza, the woman whose name I learned much later.

She was badly wounded and had bled heavily, so I feared for her life. Her eyes were still imploring me to help her and then, there, my undoing and that of my people began. I did what for countless generations we had promised each other never to do. I prepared for Raiza, what was our greatest secret for thousands of years, the sacred coffee. This seems to be a normal coffee and in fact, any type of coffee can become sacred and in this way, heal and restore life to dying people and even make them immortal if the recipe is abused. In order to obtain it, it is required to sow and harvest the coffee on a very specific day, moment and time. In addition, to show it as well as to harvest it, it should not be done as it is generally done, but rather there is a very particular way of placing it in the soil and picking it from the plants for this purpose. Then comes to its preparation, which is composed of several very specific steps, to achieve a very special and unique infusion, which when drunk, heals the body of whatever is affecting it. But we were only allowed to drink it in extreme cases of life or death and we were never to use it on anyone outside our tribe and that was my mistake. I brought Raiza back to life with our sacred coffee and condemned my people to extinction. She returned to civilization and promised to come back for me, which she never did and today I am the only one left in this jungle, which already seems to me like a cursed cemetery and which whips and punishes me with infernal presences that claim my soul.

The expeditionaries insisted to the old man that he reveal the secret of the sacred coffee, as part of the legacy of his people and irrefutable proof of their existence. He promised them that when the sun rose, he would give them all the details because even for that, certain instructions had to be followed. Although they watched his hut during the night, at dawn, no trace of the man's presence was found, and he disappeared, perhaps taking the secret with him deep into the jungle.



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