Coffee, Rain, And A Twin Rainbow

This afternoon, its dark and raining.
So i want to enjoy my afternoon with a cup of hot coffee.
I asked my sister for her coffee and make it with her coffee maker.

I dont know why but i really want to enjoy this coffee while watching rain.
So, i went out and sitting in the front if my house while looking at the rain.
The rain is not scary not too much so its enjoyable.
While i was sitting watching the rain while sip my coffee, i saw that there's rainbow.
Actually the rainbow is two, like a twin.

I feel really lucky and feel like going out to enjoy my tea is the right decision that i make this time.
Suddenly, my mood boosted up 100% .
I feel warmth not only in my stomach but also my heart.
Thank you mother earth for all the beautiful things you let me see.
I will take this as a good sign tgat everything will be better in my life.

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