Coffee Date In Raining Evening With My Family Like Bestfriends



Hello my dear friends …
I have a group of friends that really close to each other, i like to think that we are basically family at this point. Since our scheduled keep clashing off with each other, the time that we can spent together is getting less and less, its so hard to find the right time to meet. Then finally, there’s a national holiday in 20th of October. We planned to have a lunch date together. Plan left as a plan because its raining all day. So we changed our plan a little bit. We change it from a lunch date to a coffee date . Since it will be almost evening when we finally able to gather and meet. The raining last quite a long time .




First of all, let me share about the place where we were.
The place called 18 Degrees Cafe.
This is only some of the picture that i able to took when i was there. My friend have a baby so when i saw him, i cant think if any other thing other than to play with him. I missed him so badly. The cafe located right in the middle of all our houses. So, its a fair place since no one will think that the place located far from their house. In our friendship, fairness is one of the most important thing. I think thats why we can last together for more than 10 years already. It doesn’t mean we always meet up in the middle of all our house though. But we always try to make it convenient for everyone.




My friend’s baby is Alqa. I arrived last between us because i had an appointment beforehand. The moment j arrived in there and saw them, i hold Alqa immediately. He’s just the cutest and sweet baby boy. He’s so cute. Especially now that he’s start to learn to crawling. He doesnt like to be held for too long again now. I am a bit sad because of that.




Now, lets go to the main topic. I ordered coffee latte from this shop. Initially, i just want a warm drink since its pretty chilly outside because of the after rain. Then i saw my friend ordered latte. I saw that its really cute with the decoration of the swan. I suddenly wants to buy it too. I feel warm and feel wanting something warm and cute in that moment. I dont know if i every ordered or drink latte before, but i guess not. This is an interesting experience. I feel so bad to ruin to the drink, i hold back from drinking my latte till my friend scolded me about it. She said “Wh you wouldn’t drink your coffee? You just want to stare at them?”
Only then that i drink them, its already not hot or warm anymore. But its okay for me. The taste is pretty so so. But since its cute, i feel more enjoyable.

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