Philosophy Coffee ☕: Bitter and Sweet Always Together in The Life

"Life is like a cup of coffee, where bitter and sweet meet in a warm"


Black coffee, when you drink it for the first time, tastes bitter. However, at the end you will feel the value and enjoyment of the viscosity. Such is life, which always leads us to strive for an achievement.

The thickness and blackness of coffee, has a deep meaning in life. Life is not always sweet, sometimes it must be bitter and thick. Like the coffee we enjoy every morning. Life is not always smooth, there will be obstacles and trials that get in the way. However, I believe, every event will have a meaning.


Because life is a pair, there is bitter and sweet. Sad and happy, happy and sad. Laugh and cry. Just which process we go through first.

Happiness does not always come from expensive and luxurious things, a cup of coffee can also give happiness, it's just how we enjoy it. Never depend on other people for your happiness, because we are the determinants of our own happiness.

I always emphasize this in life, enjoying every moment of brewing coffee with the cups that I like and every meal that goes along with it. For me this is a joy, from a coffee by arranging and being creative in such a way.


"Don't be in a hurry in doing something, just enjoy what is there, like drinking coffee"

I enjoy all the efforts and struggles that I have done so far. Because from the process, we will know the meaning of an achievement. Through struggle, sacrifice, the results we achieve will feel more delicious and valuable. There is a certain satisfaction in enjoying it.

In 3C Community, I feel the warmth of each member, from every cup of coffee that is shared. From every moment that is told. Every writer has their own stories in interpreting coffee while enjoying it. With friends, family or friends. Even during Quality time. The moment itself must be enjoyed.


"Life is like a cup of coffee, where bitter and sweet meet in a warm"

That's all my writing about #Coffee☕. Thanks for stopping and reading. I am very happy to be able to share my recipe, photography, and my life as an Indonesian in Taiwan. See you in the next post. May we all always be given health and prosperity always.

Best Regards

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She won an essay competition race with the theme of education at the Indonesian economic trade office, Taipei in 2019. and won two awards and two trophies in TLAM 2020. The first champion of the Essai migrant workers of Taiwan by 2021. Her solo book was published in 2015. She is also a writer in an Indonesian language redaction in Taiwan.

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