Review La Protectora Coffee plus Oreo cake

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Very good morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you are reading this review about a new type of coffee and its combination with Oreo cake.

The weekend can't go out shopping with my mom as I usually do because it was raining a lot in my region, however, yesterday afternoon we finally managed to go out for a walk for a while to have fun as a family, and we took some time to stop by the usual supermarket where I am treated very well.

For the moment I did not find a new type of coffee to show you, although I wanted to bring you something innovative like those little known brands or those that promise exotic or different flavors, since I am quite an adventurer discovering new types and blends of this delicious beverage which I have taken a very special interest in knowing in detail, learning more every day with the reviews I see from other countries and some instructional videos that I like to watch when I have free time.

However, I came across a brand of coffee that despite having a very good reputation among the people of my country, I had never had the opportunity to try, this is an Arabica bean coffee produced in the Venezuelan Andean mountain range, specifically in the state of Trujillo, according to the review of the packaging its production is done entirely with 100% organic fertilizers to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the area, that seemed great to me, since consuming a product free of pesticides and chemically modified fertilizers is surely good for health and the planet.

The brand is La Protectora, it is distinguished by a quite traditional colorful image of the virgin because in that area they are very religious, but of course drinking this coffee alone, does not please my snack, so I talked to my friend Vicky to see what great dessert she had available to accompany this coffee tasting that I wanted to present to you, the answer was simply great, an Oreo cake, wow Vicky always surprises me with her delicious sweets, it is not enough just to be a chocolate dessert, no sir you have to add originality and creativity so definitely an Oreo cake promised to be something great.

Well, now I will tell you about the coffee and its preparation, the first thing I want to tell you is what can be appreciated at first sight from the outside, it is a coffee with a good presentation, the packaging is colorful and attractive and has that traditional Venezuelan touch that surely attracts many consumers, although it comes previously ground the aluminized packaging promises to preserve the fragrance and flavor without oxidation of the components by the absence of air, something that may have some truth because when opening it seems that the powder wants to breathe or at least be filled with oxygen.

The smell is spectacular, the powder releases a strong and sweet fragrance that I really loved, it is noticeable that the roasting process reached the right temperature to make a good coffee without burning it, judging by the intense brown color with caramel touches I can presume that it has no blends, it is a pure coffee, of good quality that promises a lot.

As always I used the traditional way to brew it in a cloth bag, I don't know why, but I love to prepare it that way, somehow I feel that the hot water has more time to bind to the coffee powder and let all its essence come out.

The result was a strong coffee, with body, good aroma and a great color that seemed to have gold particles when put in the sun, well, or maybe I saw it that way because of the desire I had to try it.

It is a good brand without a doubt and provides us with a quality product that should be well appreciated in comparison with its price, because it is really not expensive for the great quality it has.

The taste is great, it does not have those bitter touches that can become aggressive with the palate, on the contrary it is kind, soft, but with a good texture, the flavor is ideal to wake up in the morning or to take in a snack, highlighting also a delicious aroma that may be one of the most outstanding features that I have noticed in this brand of coffee which I highly recommend.

The companion of my snack

I could not say goodbye without showing and describing this magnificent creation of my friend Vicky called Oreo cake, it is basically a cake with the flavor of an Oreo in giant size, the chocolate pancake has that distinctive flavor of chocolate in the American type Oreo cookie that gives it a great touch, the white cream is a mixture that has whipped cream as a base added to the internal cream that bring the famous cookies and other components that give it a delicious, unique and special flavor achieving a harmonious fusion as is the pastry term that she explained to me, which I assure you is very enjoyable and more accompanied by an excellent coffee like the one I tasted today.

Finally, I want to tell you that this snack was very good for me to recover energy after my first days of school, where I started high school or the first years of secondary school, as they say in other countries, which is a personal challenge that demands time, attention, and dedication to get good grades as I always do in all my studies.


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