Friends That Life Gives ❤️☕

Hello friends lovers of a good coffee ☕ I have always said that coffee has a nose that unites people. Personally most of the times I enjoy a good coffee I am accompanied by good friends or family, also people who for the moment are strangers but then become friends as is this time, I was in a town called El Tocuyo in Esto Lara - Venezuela with Carlos a good friend and my boyfriend, we stayed to sleep in town because we caught the night and for safety we decided to stay to continue to our destination the next day, we were traveling by motorcycle and we were going to a biker event.

In the State of Lara they harvest a very good coffee and for breakfast and a good coffee we were recommended a place called De mi Abuela.
Very early we went to the place to have a good coffee and some delicious empanadas for breakfast, so there we were Carlos my boyfriend and I enjoying our breakfast and talking about the route we still had to take to get to the event, The weather was very changeable and as we were riding motorcycles we were waiting for rain because we had to cross a dirt road and the puddle makes the bikes lose traction and therefore stability and can cause us to fall and falling was not in the plans although it is always a probability.

While we had breakfast two very nice gentlemen arrived and introduced themselves to us as they were inhabitants of El Tocuyo who are also bikers and word had already spread that we had spent the night there, for us it was very nice to meet Jose Angel and Julian who came to put on the order if we needed anything, obviously we invited them to join us with a coffee, while we talked.

After a while a couple of bikers arrived who were also going to the event and they told them that we were going and they also came to De mi Abuela to take the road with us so they wouldn't go alone, we were delighted that they joined us, it's always better to ride on the road with company. We joined two tables to enter all comfortably, we got to know each other a little, we talked about what we are most passionate about and so we had a great breakfast, where at first it was just the three of us and at the end of our cups of coffee we were seven friends ❤️.

I always say that a cup of coffee unites and allows us to clarify ideas, also good vibes attract good things in this case good people that we treat each other as lifelong friends and that will be for life. From there we went to our inn to assemble the suitcases and aai continue our way, Jose Angel and Julian accompanied us to the exit of the village on their motorcycles and Viviana and Cesar continued with us our route.

Thanks for reading and supporting me, I send you a big hug with coffee aroma ☕ 🤗 see you next time ❤️❤️

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