Talking Coffee

Me as a young scientist, worked tirelessly day and night trying to make a name for myself. My lab was positioned next to a coffee bar, I had drank much of it with the hope to combat my assailable knees. I had just taken another sip from my keepcup when I heard a whisper. I snubbed the urge to believe I heard a voice until it resounded for the second time. I remained still to listen where the voice emanates from but none of my machines seems to produce the sound.

(Whispers) you need a break, your head is crowded with non-functional ideas I heard. I stopped for a minute not sure if I heard the voice clearly, the only thing I noticed was the wiggling of the coffee cup each time the voice spoke.

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I gulped some coffee and the voice came louder this time. It was at that moment I realized it had been the coffee in my head speaking, I had tried to ignore it but it seems to suggest something I might have been ignoring in my experiment. I tried to commune with it as I took a seat next to me.

"Take a short nap, then come back to Make a spartan coffee for a record" The coffee in my head spoke

I tried to check my sanity for a minute, I'm here among complex machines trying to make what would change the world and something upstairs is suggesting a spartan coffee, what the hell is a spartan coffee? I yelled.

The nap, even though I was drowsy, and hadn't slept for two days , I felt there was no need.

"What's a spartan coffee?" I asked

"Oh!, Just a combination of all the recipes you know and add a little quantity of liquor "

"How would a coffee help me win in a scientific talent show?" I asked trying to stay calm

"Everyone would need it, and that includes the judge"

I chuckled, in my years of practice, I had never heard such a crazy idea.

"I caught you chuckling dumb head, have you won any contest before?"

For a moment I tried to think,

"Don't think, I'm not here to allow your nut head spoil what a coffee can help you do" it said strongly

Just when I tried to reason how it read my mind I realized the coffee is in me

"How does coffee and machines correlate?" I asked, furious at the coffee cup that kept wiggling

"How do you know a cloth fits you? That's until you've wear it"

I know I wasn't going to win that little cup of coffee

I tried to work but no idea was coming forth, I recalled the coffee had called my ideas non-functional in the beginning. Maybe it was right, maybe I needed a sleep I thought. Hours later, I woke up feeling energetic and I had to rethink the coffee's opinion. I've participated in scientific talent shows for 5 years and no wins. Maybe I needed something different, and that's by trying something new and crazy.

"If it turns out worse, I'll hold you responsible" I said to the coffee in my head as I set to mix the recipes.

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