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There are so many circumstances in life that put us in a place we don't like or where we don't want to be, and yet we have to be, as is the case of having a sick family member and having to move between hospitals, emergencies, long waits and all that is proper.

Suddenly you feel that you need that little coffee that comforts you, that moment to pause and sit in a place that although it does not completely relax you, it gives you a breath of fresh air to find a little stillness and strength to continue rowing.

This is what I was doing when I told the niece I was with: -Let's have a coffee to relax a little. She gladly accepted.

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At the entrance of the care center there is a coffee, from the outside it did not look ugly or pretty, but two days before I had asked the owner, who was at the door, a favor and very kindly did me a favor, so I also wanted to stop by to thank her.

Upon entering, greeting her and thanking her, we asked for our coffees, emphasizing that one should be very, very hot and frothy. My niece was struck by this request and asked me why I was asking for it so hot. My response was:

-Because I want to sit quietly and enjoy it, let it cool slowly as I drink it, and not just drink it and run away. She and the owner laughed and they both agreed that this is the way to have a coffee!

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But that was not all, right there while I was paying, I noticed the mural and the beautiful messages written on it.

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Here is the translation of some of the messages:




The truth is that I loved each message, in them, I found words that resonated in me. Definitely, sometimes the place may not be very beautiful, but the space and the people who take care of it make it cozy and, like a refuge, it comforts you and fills you with good energy to keep walking on the right foot.

This is my participation in the week 42 of #TheCoffeeShopPrompt


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