Update June 2021: Cinnamon Cup Coffee (New Logo and Curation Criteria and Publication)

Dear Coffee Lovers, Community Members, #Hiveans

An impromptu short break was taken to review the general direction of Cinnamon Cup Coffee community and #TheDailyGrind, our coffee curation compilation; and some necessary changes have been implemented, which we'd like to introduce to you:

  1. The unveiling of our community's revised logo, with a new font design by @qwerrie.
  2. Our new version of our curation publication called #3CsCoffeeCuration compilation.
  3. Our new standard cover photo for our curation compilation publication.

New Community Logo (With Background and Without Background)

Reason and Changes To The Curation Publication

The intention of #TheDailyGrind (still striving to achieve our vision), was to be done on a daily basis, to whet the appetite of coffee lovers and Hiveans, by presenting sumptuous treats of coffee delights, pastries and meals to spice up everyone's mundane daily grind, simultaneously highlighting excellent posts for upvotes. However, after a reasonable trial period, as it stands, the volume of posts does not facilitate daily servings (curation), so here's a more appropriate name and tag for Cinnamon Cup Coffee curation compilation:

3 Cs Coffee Curation


New cover photo of Curation Compilation


What Remains The Same Regarding The Curation Publication

The invariables are:

  • All curated posts will be made within the Hive 7-day voting window, allowing time for posts to be upvoted, to reward authors for the time and effort of their contributions, or if you prefer, you could give a tip to an author.
  • @millycf1976 and @hive-152524 will continue to upvote and reblog selected quality curated posts, to maximize the publicity of such posts.
  • An Issue number of the publication will also be updated each time for easy reference,
  • I will continue with the #CoffeeAlert to personally thank authors for their quality content and advise authors that their work has qualified for curation.
  • Also, the publication will continue to carry coffee news/trivia.
  • Our suggested tags remain: #coffee #cinnamoncupcoffee #coffeelovers #cinnccf #virtualcoffeeshop

Rules Of Cinnamon Cup Coffee

With that, I'll like to remind everyone to refer to the Rules Of the Community:

  1. Please post in English or include a translation to English.
  2. Spam and unethical online behaviour are prohibited
  3. Please be respectful and courteous to everyone
  4. Original content only, no plagiarism or recycled content
  5. Please cite relevant sources for all Coffee Facts and claims.
  6. Frequency of post is not restrictive, however No Spam please!

N.B. Although there's no word count, it would be nice to give everyone a story behind the photos you are presenting, and vice versa, some photos behind the article you have written - not an epistle/novel, but more than three paragraphs would be appropriate.

Also, for newbies on hive, it's worth the effort to upload a profile photo of some sort, before contributing to the community for others to connect with you. I thank @lovesniper from the @ocd team for reaching out to newbies guilty of such negligence.

Pride in Presentation Of Posts

Remember, any contribution you make digitally, stays on the internet (for a very long time), so how do you want to sell yourself?
With the multiple social platforms available, Hive provides a unique opportunity of personal ownership of our content, and monetary rewards, an excellent investment possibility towards the future.

Yes, it's a coffee community, a social and fun corner of the Hive Blockchain, and we understand that coffee is not for everyone for different reasons which we respect; and people become coffee lovers at different stages in their lives, as well as people might switch from coffee at any given time. However, taking pride in your coffee post should still be of importance.
The quality photos and creative stories of articles presented by some authors, is a pleasure to read, as the passion for coffee shines through (or tea, or hot chocolate, we are an inclusive community), and it makes me smile to read the individual expressive ways you find to share your work with the community and the Hive Blockchain, and encourage everyone to do the same.

Content Suggestions:

  • Reviews of products and appliances, cafes and restaurants, coffee varieties
  • Coffee Recipe Ideas
  • Alternative Uses Of Coffee
  • Videos, Vlogs, and Demonstrations of coffee production, coffee preparation, cooking or beverage making
  • Coffee history and educational topics citing relevant sources
  • Conversations Over Coffee Discussions
  • New Research and Findings of Coffee relating to health, with proper references
  • Beautiful sharp and enticing images of your personal coffee with stories behind it
  • Things and experiences you love the most about visiting Coffee Shops
  • All general coffee related posts and coffee related photos

Appreciation Across The Board

A special thank you to all subscribers and active community members, witnesses, sponsors, and other curators who help to promote and keep this coffee community alive.

  • Contest and Community Building Exercises

We intend to host our 2nd Coffee Lovers Competition in the near future, depending on the availability of prizes. Nonetheless, I'm delighted to highlight that a generous delegation of Hive Power from @solominer to the community. This donation facilitates higher upvotes and curation from @cinnccf, to be more on a par with the quality of some of the posts presented to the community and hopefully this will be an encouragement for authors to post knowing that there will be greater reward for excellent contributions.

Becoming A Member Of The Community

Cinnamon Cup Coffee, your virtual coffee shop is a warm community and if you're not yet a member, we invite everyone on the blockchain to subscribe right here.
We also encourage community members and others across the blockchain to comment and share ideas on others posts.
Also, you can follow and interact with the community on twitter: @CupCinnamon

Community's Mission

Cinnamon Cup Coffee wants to keep the spirit of coffee lovers alive, and will continue to present the curation of high-quality coffee content directly from Cinnamon Cup Coffee community, as well as other great posts with #coffee across the Hive Blockchain.


Future Of The Community

We hope that these small improvements will help to cement and show the dedication of the community, and breathe some life back into Cinnamon Cup Coffee community, which we think is a great addition to the blockchain, and would be delighted and grateful to see growth in all avenues of our community, and trust that all the efforts injected into this project is productive.

The Cinnamon Cup Coffee Team

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