Coffee Stories; - Topic 1 NOW CLOSED - COUNTDOWN ENDED




Cinnamon Cup Coffee community is now hosting a Coffee Stories posting series called "Spill The Beans."
A writing prompt will be presented for everyone to create a story based on the specific topic.

šŸ’”Please note that all community initiatives must be approved and organised through @millycf1976. This is to ensure that all activities are inclusive and open to all community members, and across the blockchain in general.

Rewards and Benefits of Entering

  • The winning author will receive 10 hive, which will be sent directly to their account.
  • Some Hive will be sent to two other mentions.
  • Quality posts will be promoted for upvotes.
  • A chance for you to interact with other community members, as engagement counts.
  • Top post will be highlighted in the Winners Announcement Post, which will give exposure to the author.


  • Be creative and base your post on the topic announced.
  • Create a post in Cinnamon Cup Coffee community, no self cross-posting, and first tag MUST be #spillthebeans to qualify as an entry.
  • Please post within the Countdown. Posting after the countdown has expired does not qualify, therefore your post will be muted.
  • Please post in English ONLY. You can use a translator, but only English must be presented.
  • Title of post can be your own, however, please quote in post, the relevant topic.
  • One entry per person.
  • Engagement in English contributes.

Criteria for Winning Post

  • Creativity in writing
  • Post must be based on writing prompt
  • Quality of post
  • Authencity - Individual voice, tone, and style
  • Clarity of story
  • Captivating and interesting
  • No plagiarism
  • No bullet points or list; this is a great opportunity to develop your creative writing skills
  • Great photos, your own work, and properly sourced photos if not your own
  • Adhere to general community posting guidelines.

An announcement post of winner and mentions will be made after countdown expires, indicating the amount of hive submitted.


Have fun, be creative, and remember to use the first tag #spillthebeans to be eligible.
Also, take another look at the guidelines, criteria, and general community rules; if you tick all the boxes, hit publish.
The Countdown has begun...
I'm looking forward to reading your entries:)

Image Sources: Canva

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