Aroma of coffee, an aroma of love!

Have you ever expressed your love through coffee?
Well, I invite you to read the following lines to see my experience.

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For more than twenty years, an aroma has been waking me up in the mornings. It is the aroma of the coffee my husband prepares. The best demonstration of love is when he brings me a cup of coffee to bed, but not just any cup. I only drink coffee if it is from his cup. I feel it tastes better. If I serve it in a cup just for me, I don't think it tastes the same.

I had been trying for some time to give my husband a present by buying him something he would like. Many may think, what can you give a person who has been in your life for more than two decades? Well, I think it's all a matter of the love you put into the intention of wanting to give something special.

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In this opportunity to find a special gift, my son was my accomplice, so one day while walking in the mall, I found a kitchenware store and, what do you think? There I found this wonderful gift.

It is a very compact grinder in its size. It is practical and allows to grind in thirty seconds the equivalent of a cup of coffee powder. When we gave this gift to my husband his face of happiness was enormous, but his satisfaction was great when he began to grind his coffee. He looked like a child with the most fascinating toy he had ever been given. This appliance is easy to clean, with very few parts, so it is ideal since it does not take up so much space and allows you to have fresh ground coffee at any time.

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There is no better coffee than you can drink when the coffee beans are freshly ground. The essential oils that give it its characteristic aroma take over the entire kitchen. I must confess something, every time I smell the aroma of coffee anywhere I go, the image of my husband preparing coffee and taking some in our cup that we shared always comes to my mind, a moment that I will always treasure through time.

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Thank you very much for reading. See you next time!
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cintillo tipo baner prueba 4.png

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