One more second of life


I have 4 minutes to live. Just as you hear it, it seems easy to say but inside I am terrified, in panic and with that suffering that people feel at the foot of the scaffold.

Hundreds of years ago, back in 2023, America Gonzalez the supermodel discovered by accident, that if you smelled coffee you could live forever. It was an experiment she did with her cat and some of her coffee-based beauty treatments.

The supermodel went down in history as the woman of coffee and eternal life. With time scientists perfected the coffee bean but we had to stop drinking it as it was deadly and we can only keep ourselves with the aroma of coffee which must be every 24 hours or we die.

We got used to that enslaving way of life. Every 24 hours, in the schedule that each one prefers, you must take about 40 minutes to inhale the aroma of coffee. Needless to say that thanks to the model, the companies of aromatizers and air fresheners have been booming with multimillionaire sales. While the conventional coffee shops that were known at that time disappeared.

In the underworld there are still some cups of dark coffee. It is the black market used by those who want to put fun into their lives. I don't understand how people can get tired of this.

We are the same as we are in 2023. Thanks to the facial and body treatments from America Gonzalez stores, we can keep our skin young and glowing. The only difference in the appearance of the human of today and the human of 2023 is the color, our skin has turned brown and we all look the same. This was a hard blow for some who couldn't stand their skin changing color and would rather drink a whole cup of coffee than be brown.

It has been a long time since we have seen a new human among us. Why have all that responsibility and expense that babies bring? Now we work to have fun and to buy the aromatic coffee products, which here among us are not cheap at all.

Today I woke up with the desire to inhale an Asian coffee. One of those that the aroma penetrates your nostrils and you feel alive, wanting to go out and enjoy life and eternal youth. It is an exclusive coffee aroma and I would spend all my savings this year in about 48 hours of life. But it's worth it.

On my way out of the house, I passed the underside of the highway bridge. I saw a man buying a cup of coffee and thought: Poor bastard! End your life, with that tired expression you wear, you don't deserve eternal life.

Now I think I was insensitive, maybe that man's mind was exhausted from living almost a thousand years in the enslaving routine of sniffing and sniffing for a living.

I on the other hand, with my ambition to smell that exquisite expensive scent, I forgot to pack my stock of aromatizers. And in 2 minutes I must smell some coffee or I will die. My car turned off and won't start. I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe it's time for me to rest. To know what happens if I stop breathing. I have lived so much that many things I no longer remember. Now that we humans have eternal life we don't give importance to memories or feelings, that's a silly thing to do.

I look at my watch and remember that in my bag I have those samples they sent me from the Asian coffee, it will give me a few more minutes while the tow truck arrives.

I inhale and feel the adrenaline of life coursing through my veins. I smile as I think: I will have one more day to waste my eternal life.



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