Vanilla flavored latte

First of all, I send warm greetings to all of you, especially to the Cinnamon Cup Coffee community.

I am very grateful to participate in this nice writing contest that allows us to express our experiences with coffee or in a coffee shop, either with family or friends.


Of the four questions the one that caught my attention was the third one.

Write down the key factors that contribute to having a positive experience while in a coffee shop.


Moments like these are unforgettable because they transmit positive energy in our lives. It happens to me, I don't know about you. Going to a coffee shop and having a coffee is relaxing, it's like leaving behind all the negative things you have experienced during the day. Or if maybe you had a rough night, the next day you wake up longing to go to your favorite coffee shop or wishing to prepare a delicious homemade coffee. At the end of the day, a coffee makes you feel very pleasant sensations.

Today I went out with my husband and my beautiful sister-in-law to a mall in the city where I live, called "Parque Los Aviadores". I loved the mall, very nice, it is the first time I visit this mall.


We toured some places, everything was very nice, the only good and bad thing was that we felt very cold and we walked with our arms crossed because of the cold inside. So after so much walking and enjoying ourselves we decided to go into a coffee shop called "Coffee Shop Venezuela". The truth is that we looked at several coffee shops before entering this one, but none of them caught our attention. In the end we decided on the one I am going to tell you about today.

The truth is that I loved the attention, they were very, very kind. The place was very quiet and relaxing. It had two floors. We decided to explore a bit. We went upstairs and enjoyed the view. That part upstairs fascinated me because it felt a little warmer, plus there were books where you could read very quietly without anyone interrupting you, especially thinking and reflecting, why not? That was the most positive part that caught my attention.

As I already told you, I was very satisfied with how helpful they were and also, with the different coffee options they offered with different flavors to suit my needs.

to coffee with milk such as: vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, alcohol and even strawberries. I chose the vanilla latte. It certainly felt thick and with enough milk and that magic touch of vanilla.
It was exquisite, delicious. I loved it because I enjoyed it with my husband and sister-in-law. We fell in love with the coffee shop and enjoyed the delicious latte.

think that from now on it will be one of my favorite places because it has all those characteristics that I like in a coffee shop.

Grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful contest, I invite my friend @giapel86 and @iansaray if there is still time to participate. thanks for reading my greetings.

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