The Coffee Portal, that took me to Ed's (the Vampire) lair.

It was a fun Halloween time as it usually is every year. This year i wanted to follow my heart and dress as a power ranger. Yup, the famous saga of teenagers who were called upon as heroes to save our planet from an incoming invasion of alien beasts led by a Rita Repulsa (true from the original series).

The Suit

The Helmet is a fancy design from the internet, modeled after the real show, and quite expensive (i do actually want to get this helmet and suit). The suit is custom made and ordered online as well. I have a few accessories to really put this suit in order. The belt, gloves, boots...

(Actual screenshot of the cosplay site that sells high quality suits)

I don the suit, do my stretches, practice a few kicks.

Time to Trick or Treat

Im no old man, but im not just a kid, so i head out with my friends Jeremy and Polska, to get some treats and hit the streets.

The 1st house we come up to is quiet and not too disturbing. Its early in the day but dusk is soon to follow.

The spider lights on the rails.
Candy corn in the bush.

The welcome mat says "Hey Boooo".
Ghost in the corner is suspicious but i hit the doorbell with my gloved finger. A regular looking, nice sounding lady answers the door and quietly drops a sachet in my bag. Its wrapped in fancy foil.

A gourmet candy?
A delicious chocolate?

We hit the whole block, theres been a few young kids starting some crap with me so i throw my legs around like a badass because i did karate for 2 years. Its no black belt, just a yellow belt orange stripe, but somehow my body can still move at my age and i have flexibility still.

I get back home and throw my bag of candy on the table, remembering that the 1st house i went to left me quite a special prize.

I look at the foil bag, and it has a picture of a Vampire with a cup of coffee, hmmmm, mysterious...

i didnt know Vampires appreciate a good cup of coffee

Once i tear it open it is just about the greatest smelling coffee you can imagine. Roasty, toasty, fresh aroma envelops me....

Suddenly im hit with what seems like a bolt of lightning and....

Im transported to the house again...

Eds Lair

Just when i though i had the image of Ed the Vampire out of my mind, somehow im in this alternate universe. Like it was all i dream, the time i...

spilled the beans of coffee

I ring the doorbell as there is no where else to go. Behind me i just see darkness.

When im greeted at the door.
A face that cant be forgotten and my jaw hits the floor.
Pale as snow, his fingers twisted in gore.

More and more i get closer as im being lured.
I cant fight, and i cant ignore.

Come in he says....

Like a castle of old.
The floor and air feels cold.
Walls dressed in gold.

This must be a chore.
My eyes watery and sore.

When im seated i fear the worst but he begins......



I drink the coffee black as we laugh, and i Quack.

Into the night.


I do want to purchase a power ranger suit, but maybe not this year. I already had 2 cups of coffee tonight at work and its been a wild week.

Cheers to my Hive family and thanks for tuning in if your lovely eyes made it this far.


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