The Clocks get set back, time to drink a coffee with Quack.

.....and drink i shall. As im already on cup # 3 tonight. Which is rare. All things in moderation, and coffee too. My stomach is sensitive since i have history of a ruptured ulcer, so 3 cups of coffee for me is rare. The ulcer happened about 14 years ago now and is mostly my fault for not going to get treatment. I knew i had an issue with sharp pains and such. I always had a fear of medical procedures so i kept ignoring my symptoms. Until it ruptured, i had surgery and a 7 night stay at the hospital until i was mostly recovered.

Since, ive been better but not 100%. Tonight, i feel ok, just tired as i had the past 2 nights off and im back to work on saturday night to face the music once again. No easy way out of it. Got debt to slay, bills to pay...and thats all i can say.

That me just chillin for a moment, throwing my hands up like a G, i guess..

On the Menu

Is a Columbian Supremo, nice brand so far that ive experimented with. Its a medium blend, tastes good, smooth, not too heavy with flavor, just right.

Here I am about to pop this thing into the Super Basic Keurig Machine.

Using a mug that surely has a story to tell, but maybe i dont want to know whose lips this mug has seen. I gave it a quick wash...or maybe i didnt....hmmmmm....should have but i trust it was already clean.

My coworker is doing her best to try and keep me sane, she bought an Oat Creamer, which is good.

Solid coffee that i cant complain about

Time Change

The time has passed, 2am, became 1am once again. I may wake my patient up at the new 5am instead of 4am. Maybe it gets me an extra hour at work to make my check just a little nicer, hmmmm.

At least work isnt micro managing my timecard, and im happy for that. I need strong checks so i can keep paying stuff off.

Why do we work anyways. To make a living. Because the systems we have in place require us to contribute. I believe our system here in the U.S is ok. Not without flaws but it can be worse. Theres many situations in life. Heck, i think mine kind of sucks sometimes.

Im thankful though for good people, and for the ability to continue to work, as long as my health is good, ill keep rockin.

Tonight is the standard 2 patients. Both with bad breathing in their sleep, and both in the CPAP machine currently, as im typing here. Both doing relatively well with the pressure but life is just nuts. Good thing we have such devices to assist our bodies when things dont work well.

To sum up my slightly pointless rambling, ill just say, we just stepped back in time 1 hour. And its been a heck of a past hour in the universe....hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy a coffee and your sunday.

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