The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 4/ An Unexpected Coffee

Today, by chance my husband and I, we got out of the routine, maybe because it was my first shopping again with him, since I am resting, so we decided to go to a place where we had been recommended to shop, where everything was more relaxed especially for me, We went to a place where they sell everything from household items, clothes, to everything necessary for food, something like a supermarket, but the biggest surprise was what we found inside all this, a bakery-cafeteria where they sell all kinds of breads, sweets, but the best was a glorious coffee that they sell there.

When we saw this space, which prevented us from relaxing and pausing during our shopping, we noticed where the coffee was served, the aroma was very pleasant, so we did not leave until we ordered a couple of coffees with their respective cookies. The service was fast and very good, they even drew hearts on our coffees. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised and so was my husband; we sat down to drink our favorite beverage, our aromatic coffee with milk.

We lived a pleasant surprise, just to get out of our usual routines, we went to a place we had not been to before and we were surprised, with the promise to return to such a nice place, because the prices were quite affordable and the service was unmatched; sometimes it is good to visit new places, because we can take pleasant surprises, where we can enjoy what we like the most, in my case, a good coffee and the best in a place where we least expect it.

When we finished tasting our coffees, we went out to continue our shopping, in my case to walk and observe the products to select and my poor husband to carry all the things in the shopping cart, since I can not carry weight. What I can tell you is that this outing to walk and to accompany my husband, which was the main idea, became the discovery of a new place to have an excellent coffee and the best thing, it is located in a very unexpected place, where only the surprised shoppers will appreciate like my husband and me, a place to take a break and replenish energy with a delicious coffee.

This is my participation in The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 4 I invite my friends @annafenix and @chacald.dcymt to participate, greetings!

Personal photos, taken with my L8 ZTE phone.
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