Isabel's Strange Coffee Strainer


Isabel was so tired with her move to a new apartment that had more space and light, this made her happy because she needed a fresh start, it was her new resolution for the beginning of the year. The movers had already unloaded all her furniture, boxes and belongings; Isabel had arranged for the boxes to be left in the living room, so that she could unpack and tidy up more easily.

Ah! but before that, she needed to take courage and replenish her energy, sitting on the floor she began to see where she had kept her coffee pot, next to her delirium, her coveted coffee. She began to search and realized that some of the boxes were not hers...she began to panic, because it could not be that her belongings were confused and above all she hoped that the coffee pot would appear in all that; but she searched and searched and her coffee pot was conspicuous by its absence, it could not be that precisely that box was missing.

In the other boxes, there was everything, ornaments, pictures, even an electric guitar! Isabel, trying to see if by any chance her coffee pot was there, checked each of the boxes to see that nothing of hers was in those boxes that were not hers, not even another coffee pot that she could use to prepare her coffee. She put everything away and sealed everything again, so that they would not see her revision and intrusion, and sat down to think about what to do.


She tried not to panic or get into a bad mood, she called the movers and informed them about the confusion so they could look for their boxes and bring hers.... In order not to go into crisis, she looked among her groceries, which fortunately they had brought, for her packet of coffee to prepare it, but now she had to see how, because without her coffee pot it was going to be a little difficult; with the packet of coffee in her hands, she remembered a survival program where she saw a man preparing his coffee with a small pot and with one of his stockings as a strainer...

So at once, Isabel looked for one of her smallest pots, put enough water for two cups of coffee and went for a stocking, which fortunately she had unused pairs and if they were among her belongings, she took one of them, cut it in half, looked for a long glass and in the mouth of it she fastened and adjusted the stocking, just as she saw that man in the middle of the cold to do. When the water boiled, she added the coffee, the sugar, stirred and when the water boiled again, she turned it off and strained that delight, the home was flooded with the aroma of coffee, it came to life.

Isabel with her cup of steaming coffee in her hands, took the first sip, sitting in the middle of that mess, but already calmer, feeling that now she had arrived home, that this was her place and that no matter the confusion, or the bad times that could come, she knew that she would be fine, as long as she could prepare her cup of coffee, everything would be perfect.


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