Ana Luisa's avenging Feathers

Ana Luisa is an enterprising, hardworking woman, with no vices, but with a very latent weakness, and that is her love for coffee, one of the few pleasures she has the luxury of having; at home she can have anything but her beloved coffee, the few times that for whatever reason she has had to wake up without coffee, it has been due to really special circumstances, such as the death of someone, a medical emergency or something similar. Everyone in the family jokes that the world could end, but Ana Luisa would die with her package of coffee in her hands, ha, ha, ha, they always joke with her coffee.

Ana Luisa doesn't even flinch, she just warns them that their jokes will reach her, but watch out if they touch her coffee.... Until one day one of her brothers came to visit them for a few days, this was Vicente, the family joker, when he arrived he noticed the attachment that his sister had with her favorite drink, he decided to play a little joke on her, but no one in the family wanted to help her with this matter, because they knew that Ana Luisa was very creative when it came to imposing punishments, her children did not want to participate, her husband least of all, he did not want to be moved to the couch for at least a month, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, so they left Vicente alone with his idea.

Late one Sunday night, Vicente got up in the middle of the night and hid the coffee from Ana Luisa, without anyone noticing and smiling, he went to sleep. The next morning, Monday, Ana Luisa got up very early as usual and went straight to her kitchen to make her coffee while she went to the bathroom to wash herself, but.... Surprise, her beloved coffee was nowhere to be found, neither the container, nor the packages she had stored, she could not believe it, she knew that neither her children nor her husband would dare to mess with her peace and harmony, which was her coffee every morning; by logical deduction she knew that it had been her brother Vicente.


She didn't make any fuss, she just went to the basement where she had some ropes for any emergency, she looked for some tissues that she soaked with chloroform, which she had saved some time ago for a scientific project of her children, she also took some feathers that she had left from an old disguise and she went with all this stealthily to the guest room where Vicente slept totally relaxed, He opened the room with his spare key and walked slowly to where his brother was resting and before he could realize it, he placed the chloroform soaked handkerchiefs on his nose and fainted him, proceeding to tie him up, like a Christ with his hands and feet; After this arduous task he called the whole family together and ordered them to sit down to witness what would happen to them if they dared to touch his coffee. ..

Everyone with nervous laughter and at the same time with faces of incredulity, looked at poor Vicente tied to his bed, waiting for him to wake up, without imagining what had occurred to the creative Ana Luisa? This one approached alcohol to Vicente's nose to wake him up and began to ask him where he had hidden the coffee; this one all stunned, astonished to see himself in the conditions he was in and surrounded by everything, was perplexed, without knowing what to answer, while Ana Luisa armed herself with two fluffy feathers and began to tickle the soles of his feet at the same time that everyone in chorus, sighed with relief and burst into laughter along with poor Vicente.

Soon the laughter was deafening, because Ana Luisa did not stop tickling all the sensitive parts of the poor man, who even without being able to contain himself in laughter tried to speak and could not, ha, ha, ha, ha, until in a pause he was able to tell her that his beloved coffee was under the bed. Ana Luisa with a triumphant look bent down and took out her precious treasure from under the bed and for the last torture she put the feathers near his ears, giving a terrible tickle to poor Vicente, who ended up peeing himself with laughter, the chorus of laughter from everyone was not long in coming, since then the anecdote remained in the family of the terrible tortures of Ana Luisa, if they steal her coffee ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

This is my participation in #STB Writing Prompt Week 28, it was a lot of fun to create my story to share it with you; I'll be waiting for you in my comments box, greetings!

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