Kashmiri Tea in morning


Kashmiri Tea or Pink Tea

After phenomenal response from earlier post of Cinnamon tea , I decided to share Kashmiri tea which is often called Pink Tea or Kashmiri chai in our language. It is milk tea with crushed nuts. Although cinnamon is not added to it, I shared it to show you people our traditional tea.

I am grateful to Camille @millycf1976 as she liked my previous post so much. Cinnamon Cup Coffee @cinnccf is great community where one can share traditional and cultural tea or other beverages . I didn't make this tea at home but I will make it soon myself and post detail blog about Kashmiri tea.

Look at the crushed nuts in tea .


Don't add sugar to tea if you want to maintain fitness . Try to eat something as substitute with it .

It's worth trying tea and it's delicious to eat crushed nuts in every sip. If you know about any traditional tea or coffee , don't forget to mention in comment box. I will highly appreciate your effort.

Thank you so much for reading and stay safe .

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