Enjoying a Cup of Espresso Coffee After the Rain

Hai Hiverr Cinnamon Comunitas Cup Coffee, how are you? I want all my friend alwasy in happy.

My friend this is a story about a cup of coffee after the rain stops.


After the rain poured down Petro Dollar Batuphat, a friend and I decided to go home in the Kutablang Matang area.

But before arriving home in the middle of the journey in the dark of night, under the drizzle that still wets the empty streets, I planned to enjoy a cup of coffee with him.

I think, this is the right time for a cup of warmth for the body, coffee will be very delicious if you drink it after the rain. There is no warmer drink after the rain than coffee, especially when accompanied by a plate of Acehnese fried noodles, or a piece of fried banana, it must be delicious.






On that journey I found a shop that was suitable, and elegant, appropriate and right for my target. The place has a minimalist space, classic room design, and there are several murals that can spoil the eye. I ordered a cup of Espresso. My friend enjoyed the Nescafee classic. While enjoying my coffee I asked him to take a picture of me. He was curious when I reviewed some parts of the corner of the room, I told him this is for Hive content.


In the room several newcomers were enjoying coffee while listening to music. While biding my time I wrote a few paragraphs of notes. And make a selection of photos in the Smartphone gallery. Coffee really helps my creative work to be more focused and concentrated. For Espresso I recommend visiting the bloodstream in the nerves of the brain. And Espresso can spread all blood flow to be warm. The body feels fluid and does not freeze even though the rain splashes on the joints.

Espresso is great enjoyed without sugar, but I'm cut off on gulps if it's two times without sugar. Espresso selected coffee beans are thicker because they are not mixed, they are blended with selected coffee beans which are pressed more perfectly by machine. Besides black Gayo coffee, I like to enjoy Espresso. But, I'm not Espresso mixed with milk, another reason is that I'm very prone to choosing men's style coffee.




Men's coffee tastes like kicks? If literacy is not a man's coffee. Men must have logical taste. So do not waste time to feel the sensation on the first sip. In the first sip the heat will make the coffee aroma more pungent and in the first sip it provides a calorie dish to burn the spirit, that's Espresso.

After half a glass, I can only speak. The conversation that Espresso evokes is more fluid and fluid. Every time I speak like a preacher. Friends can hear the conversation more regularly and not talk like a half-crazy street vendor. Espresso can lead to talk leading and far like crazy talk.

I set the language, and direct the conversation as he wishes. If he talks about his personality feels more fun in the interaction, because it can form informative patterns, give it a try!

Espresso doesn't just take the time to casually share. But it is more directed to vent about personal life, and in any difficult conditions. All imperceptibly and build mutual perception. Thus with Espresso can expand the relationship, that's the reason why I choose Espresso

Before the last sip, as usual I enjoyed it with the tip of my tongue and enjoyed the distinctive taste of coffee with a cigarette. For me it's like finding the ending in a narrative.

Even though in the end the last sip will make me restless, but all the happiness has been mixed in pleasure into addictions that can't be separated anymore. My last sip while enjoying Espresso at Black Coffe was very cold. And my tongue can taste the last taste like a climax warrior.

It's raining again. But coffee has given me warmth, I don't have to be afraid to get wet even if I have to ride a motorbike to walk. I already have a bit of immune strengthening. Espresso can not only give me strength, but any possibility that will end in a headache will also go away.

On the way back, the substance in the Espresso cup was still forming concentration in my brain. Until we got home story after story was still flowing in the room we talked to. This is only for the meeting this time, hopefully it can be useful. Goodbye and thank you, greetings.


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