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A water pipe broke in the Urbanization, this reduced the water pressure, which prevented the water from reaching some of the buildings, including the one I live in, it is unusual that this happens, since the damage was noticed, the relevant authorities were informed, but no response was obtained.

The fact that the water took so long to get to the tank was already a torture, many times it took 12 hours or more, once it took more than 24 hours, but as the condition of the pipe got worse and worse, sometimes the tank was not filled, so we already had 5 weeks using the garden hoses to wash and clean and everything at a steady and fast pace, since we only get water on weekends, that is, only two days, in short, we had to take advantage, nothing could be left for later.



So this last weekend, knowing that the situation was getting worse and worse, I reloaded myself with work, I cleaned the house, the bathroom, the kitchen and also washed, since I had to use the hose I could not ignore the washing machine, because I had to be attentive to turn off the hose and avoid a flood at home, So I was overloaded with work, because without realizing I spent the night awake from Saturday to Sunday, I only slept a few hours on Sunday morning and Sunday was also long between various tasks and when I realized it was almost midnight, that is, Monday would arrive.

Suddenly I felt a voice talking to me, at first I thought it was due to my extreme tiredness, so I ignored it, but I continued listening to the voice and I bristled completely when I realized that it came from the container where I keep the coffee, I thought it was a goblin or something similar, but no, it was my favorite coffee grind talking to me. I had not finished being amazed when in a tone of authority and with a firm voice he told me the following:



-Try to remember these words that I will tell you, they are of importance to you, I feel sad to see you so tired yesterday and today, you didn't even enjoy my taste, being exaggeratedly stressed and tired, here I leave you some recommendations for you to put into practice and take care of yourself:

-take time to rest it is not a sin.

-don't try to finish all the housework in one day, you will end up stressed and you will be buried before your time.

-sleep is necessary, don't forget it, this way you will make that headache you have now disappear, so when necessary take a nap.

-Take vacations or time off, but not to attend to pending matters, it is to rest.

-From time to time go and share a snack or something to drink, just do something for yourself.

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-When you don't feel well, do something about it, go to the doctor, don't sit and wait, take action.

-Please trust and apply this advice I give you, love yourself, take care of yourself, you are a great woman, valuable, beautiful, who deserves the best.

I was at a loss for words, I didn't know whether to scream to express my fear and amazement, but all those words were so true for me, that I immediately stopped everything I was doing and went to sleep, because everything the coffee grinder told me is completely true.

To conclude, this is my participation in the #STB 37 in which I have captured part of a real experience, mixing it with my imagination, a hug, thank you for spending a few minutes of your time to read me, until a next publication.

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