My trip to the Pink Dimension

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I was happy to have moved to the house of my dreams, a house in a nice place, there were trees and a lot of peace, the weather was ideal, I had to finish sorting my things and see which of the things that were in the house would be discarded, because my grandmother had left some things in it.

I went through the house from the bottom to the top, I was filled with memories and when I got to the attic I saw a trunk, I remembered seeing it in my grandmother's room, she never let us snoop in it, she said it was dangerous, since we could travel to the world upside down, they always seemed to me exaggerations of my grandmother.

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I can not help but remember when she scolded us, if she saw us trying to open the lock with a key, now that I saw it there and there was no one to prevent me from opening it, I looked for the keys of the house and indeed there was the key to the lock, when I opened it I saw on the lid of the trunk a letter that my grandmother had left me, there she told me about the danger of the trunk, she said that it could take me to another dimension, I laughed a lot.

After reading the letter, I started to check what was in the trunk and when I put my hand for the third time in the trunk I felt a hand grab me hard and pulled me, I could not even scream, when I realized I went through what looked like a tunnel and reached another place that was exactly like my neighborhood, but everything was pink, I took a deep breath and decided not to panic.

When I came down from the attic, in the living room was my grandmother, as she approached me she hugged me and pointed out that after her death they had brought her to this pink dimension, because they knew that whoever inherited the house would open the chest and would need help.

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My mind was spinning, but I listened carefully to my grandmother, she explained to me how this dimension was, basically besides being all pink the other difference was that the coffee came out of the taps and the water is prepared like coffee, so it was up to me to decide whether to stay there or go back, my grandmother also clarified that she would only be with me 48 hours and then she would go to meet my grandfather, if I decided to return to my dimension I should continue protecting the chest so that my children and grandchildren would not have it within their reach.

At first I thought about staying with coffee within my reach, every moment seemed great, but after 24 hours I felt strange, I could not stand it, it was strange and unpleasant, bathing with coffee, washing my hands with it and drinking hot water, not to mention how lonely I felt when my grandmother left with my grandfather.

My grandmother had given me some clues on how to return, basically it was about finding the trunk of this dimension and not only open it, show that I really wanted to return to my dimension, so I spent the next few hours checking the house, but I saw no signs of the trunk, but I remembered that at some point there was a basement at home that was closed because one of my sisters had fallen down the stairs.

After opening that place, indeed there was the trunk, I could not believe it, I was closer to return to my dimension, where water came out of the faucets and coffee was brewed in the coffee pot, besides the coffee in this pink dimension tasted awful.

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That day I don't know if it was the tiredness, but I didn't make it back, I needed to put all my energy and concentration to return, that night while I was sleeping I had a dream, in which my grandmother told me that I had to keep calm when I was in front of the chest to be able to show what I really wanted.

So that day I got up, had breakfast, took a deep breath and went back down to the basement, I sat down next to the chest, I touched it and instead of talking, I started to think about all the nice things I liked about my dimension, I felt how it filled me with peace and joy, when I opened my eyes I was back in my family home.

Since that day I enjoy coffee more than ever and I appreciate the water in the faucets too, besides I keep the chest in another place I made in the attic and I prepare everything for when I have my children and grandchildren, because I already know that some of them will have to travel to the other dimension.

To finish, this is my participation in the #STB 54 would you have stayed in the other dimension or would you have come back?


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