My Odd Coffee- TCSP WK42

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking."
– Steve Jobs

Hey everyone. I hope you all are fine and living life to the fullest with your cups filled with coffee. We all are sometimes very specific with how we want our coffees and that is sometimes odd to other people. I do that too and this is my entry to the #tcsp wk42.

I have been having coffee for so many years now. I have always loved it really strong and sometimes bitter. It is my thing. When I enter a cafe, I ask about their coffee specialties. Then, I try to customize my order. My friends are not into coffee. They most of the times opt tea over coffee. Coffee as a choice from me is always an odd thing for them and Larkana, my hometown, is a place where tea is everyone's favorite and not many love coffee. Tea is available everywhere and coffee is not.

I try to customize my order for coffee. I tell them to use a beater for good flavor and I also tell the waiter to bring a pineapple cake with it. I mentioned in my previous blog about how much I love this combination. People also find it odd. It is my thing. Moreover, I mention that the surface layer has to be creamy and sweet. It makes my coffee a treat to myself. I have told my friends so many times to try this one. I have even tried to convince my mother who is a tea person. She has tried coffee with me but I want her to explore more coffee versions with me and I will make her a coffee person someday 😂

As a reflex, I also order 'Saffron Cappuccino' sometimes. Not many have even heard of it. Mixing two flavors creates something odd but unique. It makes the best latte combination with pineapple cake.

I try to engage with the waiter/ barista by striking a relevant conversation. I ask him about what people order in this cafe that I would like in my coffee. I even ask his personal coffee favorite things. I myself find it a good gesture, they or my friends might find it odd. It leaves a good impression I think. Also, I get to learn a lot from these guys. They have been around and they know what people like and what they don't. This is like a valuable addition to my knowledge regarding coffee that I can bring forth in my conversation revolving around coffee.

What do you think about this blog and about the saffron cappuccino.? Don't forget to participate in the #tcsp prompt.

Thank you for your time and support. It means a lot to me. Do share your thoughts so that we can interact and grow together. I hope you liked the blog.

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