Her first food! Isnt it yummy?

Greetings to all hive friends! Early this morning, I am very much excited because its my child first time eating food. As a mother, every stages of their child development was full of excitement and theres no enough word to express what I felt and how happy I am as I witness my child daily growth and development.
I'm about to give her food as she turns 6 months old last June 22,2022 but her grandmother ( father's side) stops me because of their tradition she want to follow. Its what they called "Sungil" I dont know the term in English but it means the first food to feed before anything else. And when doing sungil it should be full moon.Finally, July 14 is full moon and the long wait is over. Now ,she can enjoy her food. My daughter's sungil was chicken gizzard tinutom. Im sorry hivers but I dont know whats the term of tinutom in English. But I have an idea how the chicken gizzard turns into tinutom. It should be dry first by hanging with direct sunlight then put it in the pan, crush into finest pieces and stir until it turns black. Tinutom. ![IMG_20220714_213545.jpg]( For her food, my partner prepared squash and a ground rice. He put it in a pot with water and stir until it is cooked. Her first food. ![IMG_20220714_213603.jpg](
By doing her sungil,a very tiny pinch of tinutom put in the tip of spoon together with her food. Witnessing her facial expression as she taste her food was so priceless . I guess she dont like its taste but still she open her mouth just to discover the food. ![Screenshot_2022-07-14-21-57-59-15.jpg](





Im not able to take some pictures while shes eating but my partner took a short video.
Thank you hivers for reading. 'Till next time.

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