The Final Walk of the Loyal Friend

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I will share with you about my Uncles Dog. Cobra is the name of my Uncle Henry's Dog. But I can see that the dog is more closer to my Uncles wife, because she took care of it as member of their family. Cobra protected them as much as he can. So I can call him a Loyal and a Hero Dog.

Cobra is a very cute male dog, a perfect description of a security guard. He is a very brave and strict dog. A small and mix breed of a dog. My Uncles friend gave it as a gift to them. My Uncle baptized that dog with the name "COBRA" all of our Dog was named Cobra originated from the very first dog owned by my Grandfather, and since then everytime they have a new dog the name is Cobra, and all were very strong, and have a kingly character. Cobra died last January 19, 2023. My Uncle said it was 8 Year's old when he died. One of the great and unforgettable characteristic of that dog is he was very loyal. Everyone is not accepted to enter their house. But my Mom @aimharryianne, Grandma and me are accepted😁. When my Uncle have a visitor he never stopped barking, most of the time, Uncle is covering his dog house with a big flat wood so he can't see the visitors but still Cobra never stop barking until the visitors left. That is why most of visitors didn't stay long 😁. Even on the by-standers, Cobra never allowed them to stand in front of their house, a very strict dog. But all of us learned to love and appreciate him, even if we are not the owner.

My Uncle left us the food for Cobra everytime they went out of town. Cobra was so friendly to us especially to my Mom.

So many unforgettable memories that Cobra left. We all feel safe when he was alive.

The day he died was a sorrowful and unforgettable day for all of us. Cobra's behavior changed, as if it was mentally disturbed, he destroyed his house, bitten it till his mouth was bloody. My Uncle said he was like insane. Because he bite Uncles wife in her fingers, he also said Cobra was trying to attack my cousin Hayden(my Uncles son). But my Mom saw it differently, because she said when she walk passed by the dog-house that day, Cobra immediately went out of the dog house and hugged her, it was all strange Mom said Cobra was so friendly and sweet, and it never attacked her, and Mom also said that Cobra had a very high fever that day. Actually when I also went near the the dog house he also want to hug me, same with my Grandma, he was snatching dried cloth from grandma, so Mom said Cobra was not insane, he was sick possibly a high fever or a flu or a terrible headache. Cobra wanted to relay a message to all of us but misinterpreted. It needs proper care of veterinarian, Mom said.

But we are not the owner of Cobra,for us to decide what to do, Mom already tell to my Uncle his observation but he never believed. He died in a tragic way.

On the afternoon of January 19, My Uncle carried Cobra with his chain. Mom was happily believing that my Uncle will brought him to a veterinary clinic, but what happened was a tragedy for Cobra.

Around 7 in the evening my Uncle knocked on our door, and told us sadly "Cobra is dead!". I can see how demoralized and sorrowful my uncle was. My Mom cried so much. My uncle said Cobra run uncontrollable, entering houses like a crazy one. But Mom never believe his story. My Uncle was brainwashed by his friends and judgemental people around him that moment. He said Cobra fell down the ravine and drowned to the river. Mom said Cobra needs a doctor not a torture. She believed they tortured Cobra till so it will till he fell in the ravine. We all know my Uncle has regrets too and very much sad because he loves that dog very much, his wife was crying non-stop too same with Mom!. We all felt like we loose a family member, even if we are not the owner we treated Cobra like ours too. But things happened in a very unexpected and sorrowful way.

Cobra has a great impact to all of us, and for me I admire his bravery and loyalty. He is a true friend!. But life always has an end, in different way. And to Cobra it was sorrowful.

No matter what happened, I will only remember him in good way. And for me..COBRA YOU ARE A HERO..YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!❤️🐕🐶

This is also for #Wednesdaywalk and #Makemesmile

Pictures are mine, using my Mom's Mobile phone camera.

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