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The chili at our place is usually referred to as Chinese chili and its flowers are almost similar to the fruit. Because not long after flowering, the Chinese chili immediately becomes a fruit because the flowers are very similar to the fruit when it can be harvested or when it is red.

The Chinese chili thrives in Indonesia because the climate here is very suitable with the growth of the Chinese chili plant so that the plant grows wild in several places without the need for special care because the Chinese chili is actually not cultivated but grows wild if it has been planted.



Indonesian people usually make the Chinese chili to add spicy flavor in food seasonings or often used as a substitute for the spicy flavor we get from pepper. But nowadays people don't really like the Chinese chili as a spicy flavor enhancer for every food they eat because the spicy taste is different.

The spicy flavor we feel from Chinese chili is different from the pepper we feel so people usually prefer pepper as a spice enhancer to their food because the spicy flavor we get from the pepper is more savory when sprinkled into food we eat like into soup or the like.



In the picture you can see the flowers and fruit of the Chinese chilli because the size is still small, while the size of the fruit is slightly enlarged, it has become a fruit so that the shape of the flower and fruit of the Chinese chili is almost indistinguishable because the shape is very similar.

And just information that this Chinese chili is now rarely found and its growth is not much anymore in Indonesia, making Chinese chili trees almost scarce because of the lack of interest of the Indonesian people to consume the Chinese chili, making the Chinese chili plant have started to become scarce in several area.

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