Typical Aceh Food

Serambi Mekkah culinary specialties are indeed unique so that many people like them. Even some Acehnese specialties such as Aceh noodles and catch chicken have been sold in many regions in Indonesia. Enjoyed warm, the food tastes very good.

But delicious Acehnese food, of course, is not just Acehnese noodles and chicken. Here are some types of Acehnese specialties that you must try my friends :

  1. Kuah Sie Itiek


The sie itiek sauce cooked in Aceh has a different color. The white sie itiek sauce has a color similar to opor because it is added with hazelnut. Meanwhile, the sie itiek sauce with yellow-brown sauce is called cooking dates, although the method of making it is not added with the dates in the seasoning.

  1. Kuah Pliek U


Pliek U sauce is a popular Acehnese food. Pliek U sauce is made with coconut milk with coconut dregs filling. The Acehnese who live on the East coast have a popular dish called Kuah Pliek U. This curry-like vegetable is delicious with rice and salted fish.

  1. Keumamah


Keumamah is also known as gulee keumamah or eungkot kayee. Keumamah is tuna meat that is boiled and then dried by igniting or smoked.

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