RAXEL - Apocalyptic Comic Book Story


Greetings to all comic lovers, I am Chapath, graphic artist and the creator and owner of the story and art of the anti hero and original character "RAXEL".

RAXEL is a Pleiadian alien who, by the fate, has to meddle in the apocalypse of planet Earth where a battle is being fought between the forces of good and evil.

RAXEL, who in the past was a Pleiadian General, finds himself in a situation of no return, where he is charged with the mission to prevent the apocalypse that has been advanced to its real date, in a conspiracy by the demonic legion led by Lucifer, to try to control the planet Earth and overthrow the empire of the Archangels.

In the conspiracy of the demonic legions, they manage to carry out a plan to cross from their dimension to the Earth, managing to enslave the human race by establishing a new regime of dark domination with irrevocable consequences for the planet.


The story is set chronologically in an apocalyptic future where 6 of the 7 seals of the apocalypse mentioned in the book of revelations have been unleashed.
the method of work used in this artwork has been a mixture of old school comic book art where the drawings are hand drawn, hand inked and then digitized and the rest is done digitally; color, layout and graphic design.




The arguments about the story is set on a planet earth plagued by calamities and cataclysms where chaos prevails as a way of life, where a great adventure unfolds that will captivate viewers inviting them to delve into a story full of drama, violence, occultism and science fiction. This comic book story will be produced this year in English and Spanish. I hope you enjoy this humble work.