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Hello Hive Community Members,

With this post, I am going to share development update on


Updates on Messenger

  • User can send the message
  • Default amount is 0.001 Hive
  • Start with hash sign ( # ) to send the encrypted message
  • SMS style User-experience
  • Everything is done under safe environment of Hive Keychain.

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What’s next?

  • Messenger > Fix the bug - Last message is displayed twice
  • Messenger > Fix the bug - Auto-Reload messages when a message is sent.
  • Messenger > Add Feature - Pull to refresh

Why does it take time?

  • I am working on this app all alone.
  • I work on this app, whenever I have free time in hand.
  • I want more community members / devs to join me & help me
  • If you like this project and want me to work on regularly, please suggest me. I’ll write a proposal.

Please be my helping hand

Where do I try out this appUI?

Explore code

Want to know more?

Previous Updates - Feb-2023


Previous Updates - Jan-2023


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  • Thank you for staying till the end of post
  • Please share feedback via comments section
  • Follow me & see you in the next post
  • Stay Fit, Stay Healthy
  • Keep learning, keep exploring & keep sharing
  • I’ll keep curating different posts from different communities on Hive
  • Lots of love for Hive

Have a good one
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