Did you just say 3D blockchain game?!?!


Welcome back to our favourite blog!

We have some very exciting news to share with all of you that follow our success.
But first we want to talk about how we are using the Hive blockchain to support our growing project.


Back in time to about a month and a half ago, we were undecided whether or not to use a traditional server to retain data for our Discord bot. But being most of us on the Farmingtales team long-time Hiveans, we said.. why not use Hive instead?

So here we are...


Our Discord bot is able to execute commands sent in dedicated Discord channels, read the WAX blockchain and read/write user data and stats to and from Hive.

!whitepaper and !info commandimage.png

!harvest commandimage.png

!balance command

!stats command


...etc etc etc..



Did you just say 3d blockchain game?!?! 😱

We have been working hard in the past couple of months to develop our own first-person 3D game that runs in browsers (see the sneak peaks in our Discord and our sneak peak video published on Hive! 😋).

For our game we use the WAX blockchain, fork of EOS, to run smart contracts that generate NFTs and token transfers.


As mentioned above, at the moment we use Hive only to store user data but we have great plans for the future...

Hive-engine token,
Allow users once a week to post with one-click a screenshot of their nft-customized farmhouse and game stats,

  • We are also considering using Hive to create accounts for the users of our videogame (that is nearly ready for launch). This would create an excellent opportunity for both platforms, making the NFT community grow on Hive too.


So.. what are you waiting for??


Come play with our Discord bot while we get ready to release our browser 3D game next week!!

You are still very early in the game and, right now, you can already earn:



After a thorough review of our project by the AtomicHub team, we recently got whitelisted on their platform. So there go all your concerns about the legitimacy of this project, if you had any.

We also have our 2nd sale of 3 planned for next Friday, and it's most likely going to be sold-out in a few hours like the 1st one!




For a limited time only (probably about 7 more days) on our Discord you can also win the rare NFT of our parrot Polly.
Come play with it and he may end up becoming your friend! 😊 { watch out though.. it can get mean sometimes.. }

There's only 300 of them and they are currently listed for about $ 500 on the secondary market..





We are currently storing data on Hive for about 800 users that change their state about every 6 hours. You can take a peak here if you're curious.. ⛓️⛓️⛓️
All ops:   https://hiveblocks.com/@farmingtales
DB:   https://hiveblocks.com/cat/@farmingtales/registrations-and-diffs-db



@phage93 🚜📣 (@discovery-it) [founder]
@lycos 🧑‍🌾 [founder]
@dual 🧑‍🎨[founder]
@losingyou 🎮 [co-founder]


What they say about us.. https://www.playtoearn.online/2021/10/08/play-to-earn-real-rewards-in-farming-tales-wax-blockchain-sest-coin

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