FungiFriday - Marasmiellus Candidus

Hi Everyone !

This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

Today, I am back to participating in the #FungiFriday Contest held by the FungiFriday Community. This time I want to show some pictures from one the type of mushroom that I photographed on a rotting palm frond in my garden and this type of mushroom is Marasmiellus Candidus

According to the information I found on the search engine, the Marasmiellus Candidus mushroom grows a lot in Europe and North America and it is very likely that this type of mushroom came from there, even though currently these mushrooms are spread in Asia, especially growing in Indonesia.

The Marasmiellus Candidus fungus often grows on rotting palm frond and on damp small tree branches. So to find this mushroom is quite difficult because of its small size and it only grows in certain places, so it is not easy to find this type of mushroom.

This mushroom will not grow if it doesn't rain, because humidity greatly affects the growth of the Marasmiellus Candidus Mushroom. It rained a few days ago where we live, so now many of these mushrooms have started to grow.

For the shooting process, I only use the cellphone camera and don't add a macro lens, while for the editing process, I only use the default application on the cellphone, so the editing results are very natural. And here are some pictures of the Marasmiellus Candidus mushroom :

That's all I can present in this edition of #FungiFriday, see you in the Next Issue of FungiFriday.

CameraRedmi Note 10 Pro
ObjectMarasmiellus Candidus
LocationAceh, Indonesia

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